The Cum Dump

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Who knew that quarantine would improve his sex life so well or that his pussy would be so happily sore? But quarantine was too much for him, but the boy hadn't wanted to be fucked by the MEN in his his apartment complex, fearing that a bad hookup might get him into trouble too close to home. 

But the month long lock down and no dick at all had the boy on edge with a burning itch deep in his cunt. So he made up his mind and picked out one of the hot guys from his apartment complex who looked like he wouldn't mind a fuck- dump his load-and-forget rumble in the sack. And boy did the guy fuck his pussy hard ALL night and the next morning too. 

What he didn't expect was for the guy to call all of his buddies, letting them know that there was easy no strings pussy available. The lock down clearly affected all the MEN the same way it affected the boy's pussy. They were horny and ready to fuck hard and bust deep. 

None of the men were actually together when they were loading in his cunt. Instead they worked out a schedule to avoid each other, keeping his apartment door unlocked, the boi up on all fours in his jock and his pussy always lubed with THEM coming and going in turns all hours of the day or night. 

On day three, one of the men had decided to keep track of just how many loads the boy was taking everyday. And so the boy ended up with markings on his cheeks recording his load count of the day.

It's right around noon now, eight loads are buried in his pussy  and this is a time where the men would be resting and eating lunch, but word was spreading as they were telling their friends too. But the boi heard his apartment door open, so he got on all fours in position, eager for another load inside him.

By early morning of the third day, the sun wasn't even up yet, the boi looked at his cheeks at the markings and counted 50.