Daddy's training

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God your pussy is WAY too tight. One finger can barely fit in without making you buck and squeal. As cute as you are, boi, we’re gonna have to train this hole into what it was always meant to be. A pussy! MY pussy. And while your throat may be able to handle my thick cock this hole of yours definitely can’t, not with the way I fuck and it certainly isn't pussy YET. And if you are to truly be MY boi, you need a pussy.

So here’s what we’re going do. After I’ve cum in you today and you’ve thanked me for giving you what you so badly desire, you’re going to get your pussy plugged. Nothing huge, nothing you can’t handle. A nice plug to get you used to having your pussy constantly filled. It's going in immediately in you after I breed you, keeping my load in you for good. It will also reinforce your position as MY sub and as my pussy. You’re going to wear the plug for just an hour today, two hours tomorrow, four hours the next and so on until you’re wearing it all the time as I desire. You’ll grow so used to being plugged it’ll feel strange and alien when you take it out to shower shot out before sex.

Once you’re truly used to being full all the time I’ll give you a different bigger plug to put in. A larger one, just for an hour a day at first and then you can go back to the smaller one. Then two hours a day and you get the idea until your wearing the bigger one and soon you'll be up to the plug I REALLY want you wearing all the time. Before long just being plugged won’t be enough for you, you’ll need your pussy well and truly stuffed all the time, you won’t be able to sleep at night without feeling your cunt pulse and throb around your plug, your new comfort blanket, your new very best friend.

Then the grand finale. I will take my plugs back. All of them. You will spend one day completely and totally empty. Oh sure you’ll try and shove your fingers in but they’ll be too small to satisfy your new hungry pussy. You’ll come back to me begging me to fill your cunt, to stuff it, you can’t stand the emptiness, please feed your ravenous pussy. And I will. Only it won’t be rubber filling you, it will be my fat cock pounding away at you, changing it, showing it what it was made for, carving away at your hole until all that’s left is a pretty pussy just for me. And once my seed is deep within you, soothing the eternal itch that you will now have to be well and truly fucked and claiming you as mine, the biggest plug will go back in and you will start your new life. A life spent perpetually plugged, wishing and hoping every moment I’m around you that I’ll rip the plug out and replace it with my cock and give you those feelings you never knew you could crave so much, that you would become addicted to.

What comes after that? You’ll see. Let’s just say you won’t have much need for that pathetic little thing between your legs you claim is a dick. But that’s the future, let’s focus on right now and right now it's creating MY pussy. First though lets start with you sucking boy. Harder. Show me how badly you want to make me cum so we can start your training into being my complete and total fucktoy. Gooood boy.