The Boi-wife's OBGYN

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I’m not sure why my husband and I are having trouble having a baby. He breeds my pussy two to three times every night and every morning too. 

You mean to say he's breeding you six times a day.

Yes doc, or more. My pussy is so happily sore though, I can't complain. But I'm not getting pregnant like we want.
Hmmm that IS very perplexing. Why don’t you take off your clothes and I’ll have a closer look at your pussy. We’ll see if we can’t figure out what’s wrong

*undressing and getting up on the table*

Put your legs up.

*pulls his legs up high in the air, spreading his wides cheeks and exposing his cunt* *legs fall a little*

Keep those legs up boi!

*pulling his legs back up to his chest*

That’s it, good job boi. I’m going to need to insert a finger to check a few things *lubing up a finger* You’re going to feel a little pressure… just relax

*jumps as the Doctor squirts some cold lube on his pussy*

Oh sorry about that! *grinning and watching as the boys pussy tightens, moans softly as his own cock begins leaking in his pants*
was that too cold?

*tensing his pussy again* Yea just a little

Let me warm that up for you a little *fingers the boys pussy slowly probing into it, his finger gliding in very easily*

OOOOO gawd!

hhhmmm, interesting let me insert another finger.


*pulling fingers in and out* well this is very interesting indeed.

*panting* What is? What are you feeling?

I'm not sure yet, let me add another finger. * three fingers knuckles deep, twirling them around, finger fucking him good*

*after a few minutes* I can’t seem to quite reach deep enough into ur pussy… *slowly slipping his finger out* I’m going to have to try something else. Could you put ur legs in the stir ups for me?

*does as he is told far to easily, grabbing a big bottle with a nozzle and inserting into his pussy and squeezing the bottle. Out comes a huge amount of lube.

Please take a deep breath for me and slowly exhale.

*as he does so he feels his pussy opening up*

Again please but breathe slower.

*as he does he feels his pussy expand even more* Um, there's this really full sensation I'm feeling right now. Should I be?
I would be worried if you didn't feel that way my entire fist up to my wrist in your pussy.


Just relax, open up and keep breathing. *doctor punches his pussy three times and slowly pulls out.

Oh my gawd, my pussy feels so empty now.

That's to be expected, but I'm happy to report your pussy is in great shape for childbirth.

But what about my not getting pregnant in the first place?

*unzips his fly and pulls out his thick hard cock, strokes it slowly, pushes his tip against the bois pussy*

*squirms a little*

 I’ve got you.

*moaning slightly*

Are you ready? *lining his cock up*

OK here we go… *pushing inside, begins fucking him hard* Oh yes I think I see the issue…

Really doctor? what’s wrong with my pussy?

Just give me a few minutes here  *continuing to fuck him really hard and very deep until HE blows a huge load inside his pussy. He pulls out and buttons backup*

so what’s the problem Doc?

Although your pussy is in great shape for childbirth I'm afraid you're way to tight and that you may not absorbing your husbands semen the way you should.

what can I do about that?

I can give you regular treatments but you’re going to have to come in the office three times a week. I know I have a bigger dick than your husband as I examine him too, differently of course. Can you do that?
yes anything Doc! Thank you so much.

*reaching down and patting the boy on his exposed cunt* Good boy. Don’t worry we’ll get your pussy loosened up in no time. I'm also going to tell your husband that he needs to fist you two nights a week; then bingo you'll be pregnant like you want. Just one thing.

What is it?

Don't tell your husband if the baby turns out to be mine. <LOL>

Oh no problem there at all.

*thinking to himself, just like I won't tell you I'm carrying your husband's baby*