A Letter from Daddy

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A note to wanna-be boi-wives, total bottom bois, fem bois, and anyone else who doesn’t fit the “I’m masculine and like the same” mold that is so prevalent on dating sites.

A lot of us don’t look this good - some do, luckily. But it isn't looks all that much that we are interested in, it's your mindset & attitude. We ARE out here and we love the fact that you are not the same as us. How boring would the world be if we were all the same

We love the fact that you are a little soft, that you may jiggle in some spots, and that you’re wired differently than we are. We love that you make our house a home, making it enjoyable when company comes to visit. That you love our pets like children. That you’re more comfortable in the kitchen than on the football field and put together a dinner for ten at a moments notice. We love that some of you dress up in thigh highs, garters and lacy things for us.

We love that you want us to fuck your pussy at every opportunity we get. We love that while we are at work that you take the dildos we buy & train your pussy daily for us, so that your skills & techniques improve. 

We love that while you maybe a "boy" that you only use feminine terms for your sexual parts, and that you realize that your pussy is your true main sex organ.

We love that you let us cage your dicklets in chastity. We love that you want us to breed your pussy every time; that our sperm becomes part of your permanent DNA. And even though we can't physically do it ourselves Daddy loves the idea you ask him to get you pregnant. 

We ADORE that you want called "baby girl". We love that you want us to hold you at night while you sleep or cuddle on the couch, and do our best to protect you. We love coming home to you and the life you make just for us.

You make our hearts very full, baby girl.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve just because we’re late in finding you. We will find you & when we do it will be wonderful


Your soon to be Daddy