Perils of the Road - Part 3 - The Duchess

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Author's note: Welcome back! This is a longer part which I did not want to split up. I got caught up in the storytelling! Hope you enjoy it. The fourth part will round off this adventure, so prepare for another long one after this!


Captain Odogei groaned with pain as he climbed down from the saddle. He thrust the reins into the hands of the nearest groom and pressed the receipt into the boy's chest until he took it. The captain felt a stab of guilt for his rudeness, but to the groom he was just another messenger. Odogei patted the horse's neck before hurrying to the keep.

Saddle sore, with legs barely recovered from miles of walking between horses, he struggled to the curtain wall to find the officer of the watch. This late in the day the merchants and travellers were emptying to the streets to be replaced by whore and sober laborers looking for taverns.

The women gravitated toward him. Soldiers always had money and an appetite; they paid well and they were quick. Not Odogei, not this time. His eyes lingered but he brushed them off. He was late and what coin he had had was lining a cuckold farmer's pocket.

The officer of the watch saw Odogei and waited as he approached. As luck would have it they knew each other from Odogei's last visit and, unlike every other encountered so far, he received unquestioning aid. When he flashed the seal on the message two guards were assigned to escort him directly to the audience chamber.

"You've an hour, Captain," the officer said, pointing at a small door, "And there will be people waiting who've been waiting all day. You'll not want to let them stop you going straight in, so I'll take your pack, but let's just say I forgot about the ax."

Odogei took his meaning and dropped his pack.

"Thank you," he said, and hurried off with the guards. He forced himself to keep pace with them around the courtyard and up the stairs despite his aching legs. After several doors and corridors they arrived in a large anteroom. It was empty, but only relatively speaking. At least forty people were in her, split into six or seven groups.

Best case scenario, thought Odogei, I'm eighth in line with less than an hour to go.

One of the guards saluted him and left. The other saluted then nodded towards the double doors at the other end of the room.

"It's a pecking order, sir," he said, "Not a queue. Go peck, sir. If you know what I mean."

With that he nodded and left. Odogei looked at the various groups and nodded to himself. Message in hand, shoulders slumped and head down he walked towards the double doors. He heard murmurs to his left. The poor messenger, expecting his note to hand his note to the Duke just like that. Cruel of his commander, really…

The other half of the room saw his ax. Smaller than you'd think, isn't it. Still, very dangerous to allow that in here, even if he is a soldier.

There were louder complaints when he drew close to the group nearest the door. He knew he stank, he knew he looked like a huge unshaven grubby grunt who had slept in the saddle, or worse.

Three paces from the door, someone decided to confront him. A man in a small powdered wig and well applied rouge stepped in front of Odogei. He was from the group nearest the door but seemed as though the whole room stood with him to bar the Captain's progress.

"Well, sir, you seem unfamiliar with protocol," the man said, wielding at small black rod which signified a ranking member of the coachman's guild, "Messengers are not seen at this time, not by the Duke and not ahead of those of us who have been waiting all day."

"And the day before," someone chimed in.

"I am not simply a messenger," Odogei began, "The message I carry-"

"Ha!" the man in the wig interrupted, "A message but not a messenger, really!"

He tapped the Captain on the chest with his rod. Odogei flipped the guard off the head of his ax so it skittered across the floor towards a group of ladies who avoided it as though it were alive and venomous. The man backed off a pace. Someone called for a guard. Odogei straightened up and took a pace forward, forcing everyone between him and the door to move back.

"I am going in next," he said.

"Now look here," said the man, eyes fixed on the shining blade at the Captain's hip, "Look here-"

Odogei hefted his ax at the same moment the double doors opened. He surged forward causing the crowd to make a choked cry of protest. A Housecarl from the Duke's personal staff appeared from the audience chamber. An olive skinned man from the East, he looked surprised to see the Captain at first, then amused to see the distressed managerry around him. The carl's eyes sparkled and his thick lips split in a grin. It faded when he saw Odogei's officer's pips and the mark in the wax that sealed the letter. He made a gesture to someone within the room before speaking.

"This way Captain," he said, "The girl will take the message to the Duke."

"Thank you, Sir. Here," Odogei said, handing the Carl his ax, "They forgot to take this at the gate."

"Of course, Captain," the Carl said, grinning again, "Please wait at the gold line on the carpet for the Duke to give you your instruction."

Odogei did as he was told and walked into the audience chamber, imagining the other petitioners glaring impotently at the other side of the double doors. The Duke was on his dias speaking with a man in the uniform of the Four Hundred, His Grace's elite cavalry. They used no ranks, every one of them knowing the name and place of each other, but by his bushy beard and shaved head Odogei knew that must be their leader, Sorl Hun.

Odogei's guts tightened and he looked at the others in the room. A carl stood at every door with two more behind the Duke. To the left was the balcony where the Duke's advisors usually sat waiting to be called. Few were sitting now; most formed a tight crowd as they stood looking at Odogei and the Duke in turn.

To the left were two people. A dark haired woman on an ornate chair, who must have been the Duchess, spoke to a fair lady kneeling beside her. Odogei could not see her face, but her clothing left little to the imagination. Her dress was cut low, showing a perfect cleavage before hugging her figure. She wore a plain necklace with a large green gem which nestled between her breasts. The blonde lady looked at Odogei and smiled before saying a few words to the Duchess. Before Her Grace could turn to catch him looking he turned his gaze away to look at her husband instead.

The Duke was immaculate, even after what might have been hours of hearing complaints, pleas and petitions. His clothes fitted perfectly and his fine features were made finer by perfectly applied make-up. His wig looked like it could have been his own hair, powdered just enough to maintain its appearance. Odogei admired the man for a moment then looked away… straight into the piercing eyes of his wife.

He averted his eyes again, fixing his gaze on the sigil above the dias. She was still in the periphery of his vision, staring at him, willing him to look back.

"Captain Odogei," the Duke said at last, "You have our thanks. You have endured much at the front and on your journey here. I am sorry for the loss of your comrades and commend their bravery, but we cannot act on your commander's advice."

"Your Grace!" Odogei began, "If you-"

He stopped himself. Every eye was on him and the room was deathly silent, apart from an excited gasp from either the Duchess or her lady.

"Captain," the Duke said, calmly breaking the tension, "If we do as this letter says we would divide our forces. When the enemy comes down the Great Road, as we know they will, we must meet them with the combined armies of East and West. The terrain will favor our cavalry and the enemy will be destroyed."

"That is exactly why they will not take the road!" Odogei said, "They do not bring horses or baggage trains. They can travel as well in the West as they could down the road. We saw them massing to advance on the river lands towards The Forest and The Split where our cavalry will be useless."

The Duke waved down a protest from the red faced leader of the Four Hundred.

"My mind is made up, Captain," he said, "You have done your duty and you are dismissed."

Odogei glared at the Duke, who returned his gaze calmly.

"You are DISMISSED!" shouted the cavalry commander. Odogei switched his gaze to Sorl Hun and his hand went to his hip. The fight went out of him when he remembered that his ax was not there.

The Duke leaned forwards, still looking calmly at Odogei.

"Captain," he said, "Please…"

He gestured to carl and the Captain was escorted out. He could hear the Duchess and her friend laughing as the doors closed


Odogei stretched again and paced around the apartment. He was not used to uncrowded, spacious accommodation. The bed was enormous, yet it barely filled a quarter of the room. There was a bay window looking over the river which was so large it contained a full dining table with four chairs. On the far side was a grand fireplace nearly as tall as him in which a fire had been set to heat water for his bath.

After half an hour or so several servants, all in long robes and traditional face coverings, appeared through a concealed door near the fireplace. Odogei watched them with suspicion as they milled around before bringing in a large bath and a trolley full of soaps, oils and other bathing accessories. One of the servants approached him. She wore light blue robes where the others wore dark green and Odogei assumed this was a sign of authority.

"I will draw the curtain," she said in a low silky voice, "You can disrobe and leave your uniform by the door."

She looked at him through the slit in her face covering. Her eyes were grey with blonde eyelashes. She kept eye contact as she moved backwards and Odogei took in the rest of her body which was poorly concealed by her thin robes.

Another servant pushed a large mirror past the curtain into Odogei's side of the room. The head servant ignored him and addressed the Captain again.

"Do you require a male bather?" she asked.

"No," he replied, and she closed the curtain. He thought for a moment. Had he just refused a bather, or confirmed he did not want a male bather?

He shrugged. He would find out later and he was quite capable of washing himself. He considered undressing but he could see it would be a while before they filled that huge bath. He managed to kick off his boots and, after his tired fingers unfastened the buttons, shrug off his heavy jerkin. Exhausted, he gave in and sat in the large chair next to the bed. Before he knew what was happening his eyes closed…


Odogei shook himself awake and stood up. He regretted it immediately, but the servant had done the right thing by calling his name. It is unwise to shake a soldier awake.

"How long have I been asleep?" he asked, walking over to the servant who was standing by the mirror.

"Two hands, sir," the man said, "Would you like help disrobing?"

Two hands was only half an hour. No wonder I still feel tired, he thought.

"I already said no," he said, before tugging at his shirt and groaning as he raised his arms. The servant made to leave.

"Actually," Odogei continued, "I could use some help."

Immediately the curtain was drawn back and all of the servants came to help him. He expected a dozen pawing hands, tugging at his clothes until he was naked, but he was pleasantly surprised. They were gentle and thoughtful, as well as interested in his injuries. A hand brushed the skin under his shoulder blade.

"There is a bad bruise here sir," said a female servant, "It should be attended to."

"Do these hurt sir?" said another, gently touching a collection of claw marks left from his encounter with the troll, "We'll add some salts to the bath to clean them."

As he shook his head a chair scraped the floor behind him. The servant who had woken him spoke.

"Sit down, sir," he said as his trousers were loosened and pulled down to his knees. There were some wandering hands, but he resisted the urge to slap them away. This gentle help was something sorely lacking in his life.

Finally down to his underwear he waved the servants away.

"Thank you," he said, "I can manage now."

With small nods the servants left, the concealed door they used melted into the wall as they closed it. Odogei sighed and got to his feet, letting the final piece of his clothing drop to his ankles before kicking it into the pile next to the door. Unsure whether he would regret it or not, he stood in front of the mirror.

He did not see his long limbs and broad chest, or his handsome face with its large eyes and thick lips. He only saw cuts and sores and stubble. He glanced at his manhood, but saw only the bruises on his hips from his 'encounter' at the bridge. He moved and stretched, seeing his muscles working below the skin and feeling every ache and every mile on the road in dozens of places. Satisfied he had seen and felt enough of his injuries, he got into his bath.

The warmth, the heady mist, the subtle support was all bliss. Odogei stretched out and still his feet did not touch the other end. A pillow of soft towels supported his neck, soaked in sweet smelling oils. Small shelves supported his elbows, keeping him from slipping into the water completely.

He sloshed the water around, then splashed it with a slap of his hand. There was a light foam on the surface which floated in the air after each splash. Odogei arranged the foam into a single mass and positioned it over his groin. Under the foam his hand freed up his balls and rubbed his cock. It felt good, getting an erection on purpose not because he was desperate, or drugged. He closed his eyes and relaxed, wondering what would happen if sleep claimed him.

"Comfortable Captain?" said a silky voice. Odogei started, spilling some water from the tub. He rubbed his face with a wet hand and squinted at the concealed doorway next to the fire.

Two figures stood illuminated by the fire. One was dressed only in a sarong and a face covering. By her height and size he guessed this was the senior servant from earlier. She lit a taper in the fire and Odogei watched the light play across her small breasts. When she moved to light some candles he looked at the other person, the one who had spoken. She also wore a face covering, and her dark hair was tied up in a scarf on top of her head. The dress she wore was almost transparent. Odogei's eyes went wide when he saw her body and his erection throbbed.

He worked his gaze up, from her shapely calves and thighs to her well defined hips and flat stomach, and finally to her round breasts. Between those breasts, larger than either of the nipples that poked at the material, was a green gem. And it was no ordinary gem, otherwise the firelight would not have shown its color. It was the fey gem he had seen in the cleavage of the Duchess earlier…

"Your Grace," he said, unsure whether to stand, "I am not sure why-"

"Calm yourself, Captain," the Duchess said, "When I saw you at Court I knew I had to see you again. When I saw what happened at Court I knew I had to visit as soon as possible."

"Why?" Odogei asked, not sure which part he was querying, "I heard you laughing."

"And that offended you?" she asked in return.

Odogei shrugged, "I did not care for it."

The Duchess chuckled.

"We were not laughing at you," she said, "Lady Margo made reference to a fantasy she had shared with me yesterday which was quite lewd. Unfortunately for her, and her fantasy, there is only one of you. For me, however, that's just right."

"Your Grace," he said, "I fear -"

"No need, I'll explain everything," she said kindly, "After you have been bathed."

"Bathed?" he said, "I am capable of cleaning myself."

"Oh, Captain," she replied, "No offence, but I want to know you are clean. I trust Lihla to do the job properly."

Everything happened at once. Lihla appeared at his side, breasts at his eye level and rough cloth in her hand. At the same time the Duchess stepped into his bath, forcing him to sit up and make room for her next to his feet. While Lihla began scrubbing his hand and arm, Her Grace adjusted her dress so it sank into the water.

The Duchess spoke as all of this happened. Odogei heard little of what she said, but he finally placed her accent. Education had mellowed it, but she still had the long throaty vowels and intonation of the North-West. Separated from the rest of the continent by a vast inland sea, people from those lands spoke the common tongue of the East and the Riverlands in their own way. To him, everything about this woman's hair, voice, expressions and movements made her exotic.

Lihla scrubbed his arms, face and back before applying soaps and oils to his hair and beard. Once she was satisfied she cleaned his feet and calves just as thoroughly. Finally she gestured for him to stand. Odogei looked at the Duchess.

"...of course, the court will back the Duke," she was saying, "Generals and such be damned... What is it, Captain?"

"I need him to stand," Lihla cut in.

"Oh," she replied, "Captain, please."

"I am…" he began.


"Affected by… erm…"

"I should hope so," she said, "Come on, let me see."

Odogei stood slowly, careful not to slip. His penis stood out in front of him, erect enough to be full length, but not enough to stand upwards. Lihla reached up to clean his chest and underarms, then his belly and thighs. She discarded the rough cloth and soaped up her hands. The Duchess stopped talking and watched as the servant cleaned his ass, her slippery fingers getting everywhere causing Odogei to jump and nearly lose his balance. Lihla rinsed her hands and re-lathered them to clean the final part.

Warm soapy fingers worked their way around his groin. By the time they had massaged soap into his pubis and gently cleaned his balls his cock, as yet untouched, was at attention.

"Clean that thoroughly and carefully, Lihla," the Duchess said, her eyes fixed on it, "We can't have any accidents."

"Yes, your Grace," Lihla replied.

"As for you, Captain," the Duchess continued, "Lihla and other servants are off limits without my permission and their agreement. I can see your hand aching to perhaps have a squeeze of Lihla's perfect little teet, but you'll have to refrain."

Lihla's delicate hands worked soap up and down his shaft. He gasped and watched her use the soft cloth to rinse it. She was not done. She poured oil on her hands and repeated the process, but this time she worked it into his foreskin. Odogei gasped as she pulled it back to apply the oil to his exposed tip before covering it again. His legs felt weak and he took a shaky breath, glad that he had not suddenly ejaculated over his host.

"Sit down, Captain," the Duchess commanded, "Lihla, more hot water, then you are dismissed."

"Yes, your Grace," Lihla said, doing as she was asked before leaving the room.

The hot water felt good, refreshing the warm bath, but Odogei's thoughts were elsewhere. The Duchess's feet were caressing his thighs and the foam had gone, leaving his erection clearly visible.

"Your Grace," he said, "I know what is happening here is not appropriate. If His Grace found out-"

"Please, call me Siggy," she said, removing her veil and smiling a wicked smile, "And His Grace knows, of course he knows. He sent me here."

Odogei looked at her, mouth open. He shook his head but Siggy only smiled.

"In fact," she said, her toes briefly making contact with his balls, "He likes to watch."

She pointed above her head at the woodwork near the top of the wall. It was lattice work, through which Odogei could clearly see the silhouette of a head. He flinched, sloshing water out of the bath. He would have jumped out entirely but the Duchess grabbed him, laughing as she did so.

"Captain, Captain!" she cried, still laughing, "You have nothing to fear! I like men, lots of men, and His Grace like's to watch me. This is a reward for all three of us! Please, Captain, calm yourself."

"This could be a trick," he said, "It feels like a trick. Maybe we all get pleasure from this but in the morning I am taken away and my unpopular warning goes with me."

"Captain," Siggy said, her laughter sinking down to a chuckle in her throat, "If the Duke and Duchess want this and you do not do it, do you think it will have a different outcome?"

Odogei furrowed his brow and sat down stiffly. Siggy still had her hands on his arms and her face was close to his now. Her thin floating gown was playing along his thighs. He looked up to the lattice again and he thought he could see the silhouette nodding. A finger appeared through the lattice bearing the ducal ring. Odogei began to relax. He tensed again when Siggy's hand went from his arm to his cock.

"His Grace has a simple request for tonight," she whispered, "That you fuck me hard, with no attempt to perform for his benefit. He wants me to appreciate the fucking with loud moans and wails. I can act the part, but it will help if you keep up your side of the bargain."

She rubbed his cock gently and kissed him. Odogei stayed still, kissing her back out of reflex. His hand itched to touch her, but he wanted to know this was not what he thought it was. Instead of stroking her face or cupping her breast, he pushed her shoulder. Their kiss ended and he kept going so her chin came level with the tip of his manhood.

"Show me you are telling the truth," he said, stroking on the top of her head.

It was a brave move, asking a Duchess to prove they were free to have sex by sucking his cock in front of the Duke. However, Odogei had done things in the last few days that he wanted to forget. Sex with a beautiful woman was always the best cure for bad memories.

Siggy obliged him. She opened her mouth wide to suck him, playing with his shaft and balls under the water. He enjoyed it for a while, watching her head bob up and down. Sometimes her nose touched the water; other times she looked him in the eye as she caressed him with her lips and tongue.

When he was sure he sat up and pushed her back. He knelt in the tub and pulled her towards him. She obliged again, but she pushed her wet dress between her legs before she straddled him, denying him access. She kissed him and allowed him to massage her tits through the thin wet material.

"Patience, Captain," she whispered between kisses, "I know what the Duke wants. You will want it too, just have a little patience."

She slipped her arms out of the straps of her dress and peeled it from her breasts. Odogei scooped one of them up instantly and sucked its firm nipple into his mouth. His other hand found its way under her dress and cupped her ass, his fingers finding their around and under to her cunt.

"Yes, Captain," Siggy moaned, loud enough for the Duke to hear, "That's right, keep going."

Odogei knew her words were not really for him, but he heeded them anyway. He sucked both tits in turn, massaging one of them roughly with his free hand when he could. The other hand he roamed around, rubbing her slit and finding her button before moving away to find her asshole. She moaned when he pushed against it, but he did not go any further. Not yet…

He released her nipple with a loud sucking sound and kissed her neck hungrily. She enjoyed it loudly as well before whispering in his ear.

"You can rip my dress, the stitches will give. Do it now so I can leave it in the water when we get out."

He wasted no time, grabbing the dress on either side of her back and pulling it ripped easily. The Duchess gave a shock squeak, mixed with excitement as he pulled her towards him. She let him kiss her neck then pushed him away.

"I think we are clean enough, Captain," she said, standing up and letting her dress slide off into the water. For a moment her dark bush was at his eye level, then she stepped out of the bath and it was just a dark patch between her legs. 

"Come, Captain," she said, picking up a towel and patting her arms and chest dry, "Let me tend to you."

He got out of the bath and she dried him, although the bath oils and the heat from the fire did most of the work. When she knelt to dry his legs she let his manhood rub against her face. When she stood again she pressed against him, craning up so she could kiss him. She was tall for a white woman, but he was taller than any man or woman from this land, and most from hers for that matter. He had heard some of the men from the North-West were like giants, but perhaps they were rumours. The Duchess seemed unsure what to do with a tall man.

She pulled his head down to kiss her neck while she whispered in his ear.

"He wants to see you ravish me. You don't need to put on a show, just let me lead a little, then take control. I have one request."

"What is that, Your Grace?" he asked, taking hold of her buttocks.

"When you spill your seed," she whispered, "Spill some on my emerald."

Before he could lift her up and take her to the bed she pulled him toward the large chair in the corner which was draped with towels. She sat down, eyes level with his manhood, fingers playing over his thighs. She gave him a few licks and sucks before lying back and spreading her legs.

"Show me how good you are with that beautiful mouth, Captain," she purred, playing with her labia to show him what she meant, "And when I'm ready…"

She left the thought hanging and licked her lips. He glanced at the lattice work and knelt down between her legs, his eyes fixed on the pink lips amongst her dark pubic hair. He kissed her inner thighs before tasting her. Her sex tasted sweet and spicy and, to her delight, he devoured her.

Despite his willingness to pleasure her he was impatient. Once she had moaned enough he ran a finger around her entrance then slid it inside. He kissed her belly and her tits but she did not want his fingers. She pushed him away and turned over. She knelt on the chair and pushed her ass towards him.

"Go slowly Captain," she purred, "We have plenty of time."

Her hand appeared between her legs, fingers searching. He rested his manhood on them and let her guide it. The moment he made contact with her opening he pushed forward, making her gasp with the suddenness of it. He rocked back and forth a few times before sliding the half in. The Duchess moaned loudly as he fucked her and he remembered this was all for show, all for her husband to watch.

Odogei played along as best he could, kneading her ass as he moved inside her. On a whim he slapped her and she squealed with delight and giggled when he did it again. He took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back so her moans became strained. When he let go he grabbed her waist and pushed a little further into her, just enough to let her know there was more to come.

"Oh, Captain," she said, looking over her shoulder, "You have to stop teasing. Take me to the bed. Take me to bed ravish me!"

"My pleasure," he replied, leaning forward to kiss her, keeping her twisted toward him by grabbing her chin. He slid out of her and she turned around.

"You're doing well, Captain," she whispered between kisses, "Put on a good show, and remember my gem."

Odogei's body was singing with lust. He only half-heard what she said before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bed. He threw her onto it and she scrambled to get comfortable as he climbed on between her legs. She lay back, welcoming him, as the tip of his spear found its target again.

He entered her with the smallest semblance of restraint. With a few thrusts he was as deep inside her as he had been on the chair. With each subsequent motion he went deeper and deeper. She pulled him down so he lay on top of her. Making sure his head was next to hers she whispered in his ear.

"Yes, this is what we want, this will please him. I want all of you inside me, he wants to see you fuck me as I scream, then I want your seed on my gem. Remember! Remember that!"

Odogei grunted an acknowledgment and fucked her as hard as he could. She played her part, screaming and scratching his back as his cock plunged inside her. As his hips met hers he raised up to look into her face. She went wide eyed and gave a strangled cry as he pushed everything inside her. She pulled him down again and he went back to fucking her as fast and as hard as he could.

He held back as long as he could, but everything about her, about everything made him want to cum. He was tired, and did not have the strength for restraint. The raw pleasure of working his cock inside a tight welcoming cunt made his ball churn and he could not ignore the feeling. He pushed deep inside her and for what felt like an eternity he held himself there, expecting to feel the release and disappoint the Duchess. Fortunately, he did not.

He pulled out quickly, causing her to cry out again. He lurched forward, catching himself with one hand as the other aimed his cock at her chest.

The first spurts hit Siggy's neck, small trails landing across the gem. Odogei moved and aimed at short range, covering the gem with his cum. As he watched, and his cock dribbled cum onto her breasts, the gem absorbed the stuff and glowed brightly. Fascinated but exhausted, he collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes.

He heard Siggy get off the bed. He thought he heard a quiet conversation before she returned and immediately straddled him. Even though his eyes were closed the green glow from her gem reached his eyes.

"Captain?" she asked, as one would check if another was sleeping.

"Yes, Your Grace," he replied, opening his eyes a little. She looked radiant.

"Time to please your Duchess," she said, grinding against his member.

"Yes, Your Grace," he replied again. His cock responded slowly. It was as exhausted as the rest of him.

She took her time, not needing him inside her. He enjoyed pawing at her ass and tits, but she did not pay him any attention. She panted hard, her juices covering his manhood. When he was hard enough she slipped him inside and slid over him. He felt her tighten and spasm and his cock tried to do the same, but he was spent.

He looked up at her, her face red and her expression one of release. The gem between her tits glowed so brightly he could not look at it.

"I'll leave you now, Captain," she said, getting off him and standing up, "And send in Lihla. She will clean you up and warm your bed."

"Yes, Your Grace," Odogei said, and with that he fell asleep.