Lake Camp - The Shower Room - Pt 1

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Mike got the last of the mud out of his hair and from under his nails. He could have stayed with everyone else, just thrown himself in the lake to clean off and rejoin the party, but he had been embarrassed. The fall had been stupid, the mud disgusting, and everyone had laughed. They had laughed at him. In hindsight, now he could see properly, now he was clean and unhurt, he realised they had not been laughing at him. They were not being cruel, just having fun. Just a little fun at his expense.

This was the first time he had been able to stay for the last two weeks of camp. It was over eighteens only, although there were a few exceptions for people with late summer birthdays. The atmosphere was chill and the management had all gone off sick, so there was no timetable.

Of course, Mike had a little more to be embarrassed about than the fall. The reason he had tried to climb the tree, maybe the reason he had fallen at all: Dean had been there. Dean had decided to go swimming and had stripped down to his underwear… Dean was a camp counselor, older than everyone else, blond and buff... and Mike had stared at him for just a bit too long. OK, a lot too long. He knew Dean had noticed and he knew that Dean would just shrug it off, but still.

Through the embarrassment something stirred. He thought of Dean's chest and his perfect thighs. Mike didn't think of himself as gay. He had fooled around with friends, but he had also had sex with girls. He enjoyed both, he was not sure what people would think if they knew.

Before he knew it he was not just soaping up to get clean, he was lubing up for a little me-time. It was a communal shower, designed for fifteen men to shower together, but Mike was a little worried that someone would walk in. He knew everyone was at the party, and he knew that the twins were popular, so their eighteenth should keep going for hours. Still, he didn't feel like he could enjoy himself knowing there was not a single door between him and the outside.

There it was; a sound. No, sounds. Footsteps. The unmistakable tap-tap of bare feet on tiles.

Mike rinsed off and turned away from the entrance. There was nothing he could do about his boner. He considered turning the shower on cold, but before he could touch the dial he heard another shower turn on and a voice.

"I wondered where you'd got to."

It was Dean. Shit.

"Oh, hey," Mike said, still facing away, "Yeah, I had to get that mud off, you know."

"There was a lake, you know," Dean said. He was teasing, but Mike felt his shoulders tense.

Mike turned to see Dean buck naked, just looking at him. He should have turned away, but he did not. Too late he realised his semi was in clear view and he turned back to his shower. He heard Dean walking over to the shower right next to him.

"You don't have to be shy," Dean said, turning on his shower, "No one else is here. And I don't mind you looking."

Mike nodded his head and made a kind of pantomime of showering while he worked up some courage. 

"You don't mind?" Mike asked. He stole a glance at Dean and saw his cock standing out from its blond nest. He looked at Dean smiling at him then looked away. When he looked down he saw his own cock was not showing any embarrassment at all.

Before he knew it, Dean was standing less than a foot away. Mike turned slowly to face him, painfully aware that their cocks were reaching towards each other.

"I don't mind at all," Dean replied, "I just want to know what you'd like to do about it."

"I'm not sure," Mike said, "But…"

Mike leaned forward, putting his lips within an inch of Dean's. He put his wet hands on Dean's waist and waited. He didn't have to wait for long. Dean closed the gap and kissed him, cupping Mike's face in his hands. Lost in the kiss, Mike let his hands roam around Dean's body, feeling his hard muscles and tight ass.

Dean broke off the kiss and put his hands on Mike's ass, pulling them together. Mike was suddenly aware of their cocks pressed against each other. He felt a twitch.

"So, tell me," Dean asked, "Is this the furthest you've gone? I mean with a guy."

"No," Mike replied, surprising himself with how quick he admitted it. Dean raised his eyebrows, "I have a few friends who got curious. We did stuff."

"Kissing? A little grope?" Dean asked, moving his hips, "Some tugs?"

Mike nodded and gave a shy smile.

"More?" Dean asked, "Mike, you're a good looking guy, nice dark hair, blue eyes, and all neat and tidy down there. Tell me the truth, have you had a friend suck your dick?"

Mike opened his mouth, shocked to hear it out loud. He nodded.

"Did you pay it back?"

"Yes," Mike admitted, "I've sucked a few cocks. But that's all far as we went."

"OK," Dean said, "I'm only prying so I can see what this is right here."

Dean reached between them and stroked Mike's cock. After a moment he put his fingers around both their dicks and gently squeezed them together. Mike kissed him, but Dean only let him for a few seconds before breaking off to kiss his neck.

"I'd like to suck your dick," he whispered in Mike's ear, "And you can suck mine if you want. I want to know if you'd like to go further with someone who knows what to do?"

Mike nodded and managed to say, "Yes."

Dean let go of their cocks and looked Mike in the eye. He kept looking Mike in the eye as he slowly knelt down, kissing Mike's chest, then ribs, then abs, then the tip of his cock.

"Good so far?" Dean asked.

Mike nodded and watched Dean slowly put his mouth around the head of his cock. His member twitched and he gasped. He looked toward the open doorway at the other end of the shower room.

As he watched the entrance he expected someone to walk in at any moment. All the while Dean sucked and licked the tight foreskin over his swollen glans and stroked his shaft. When he looked down, Dean was looking up at him, and at that moment he took a great mouthful of Mike's cock and sucked hard. Mike gasped and shook a little. After another long suck, Dean's tongue worked its way around him.

With a smacking sound and a satisfied sigh, Dean released Mike's cock and sat back on his heels.

"I'd say you liked that," he said, "I'd like a little myself."

He stood up and took Mike's hand, placing it on his cock. Dean was uncircumcised, like Mike, but his cock was a little shorter. However, his glans were big and they poked out of his foreskin. Mike could see a circle of excited redness when he looked down.

Dean waited patiently for Mike to move from just looking and rubbing to kneeling down. He gave a few tentative licks before putting his lips around the head of Dean's cock. He knew he did not have Dean's experience, so he just did what he had done before, building up to opening his mouth as wide as possible and trying to get his lips as far down Dean's shaft as he could. When he felt the tip push against the back of his mouth he was glad he did not gag.

"OK," Dean said, "That's good, really good, we can work on that. Now come back up here."

Mike stood up and Dean kissed him again. This time there was passion in the kiss. Dean opened his mouth wide and Mike did the same, their tongues writhing together and exploring each other's mouths.

"Mike," Dean said between kisses, "I'm going to be direct here, because I like you. We could kiss and blow each other, and I'd really enjoy that, but I want to show you something else. I really want to fuck you."

Dean kissed him again and Mike felt his hard cock poking him in the stomach, and he was sure he was poking Dean in return. When the kisses stopped again he found he was nodding.

"Yes," he said, "Yes, I want to, but… here?"

"Here is the best place," Dean said, "We can wash afterwards and we have supplies. First though, we need to agree on something."

"OK, sure," he replied.

"You have to hear it before you agree," Dean said. Mike nodded.

"Alright, here it is," Dean continued, "You fuck me first. I don't cum when I get fucked in the ass, a lot of men do. If I fuck you first there's a chance you won't get to do me. Of course, if you go first, you have to promise I get my turn. Fair's fair."

Mike thought for a moment, then nodded. If he was honest the fear of being caught was far greater than the thought of losing his anal virginity to a good looking guy like Dean, not to mention someone experienced (rather than one of his horny friends).

"I promise," he said. Dean smiled and kissed him.

"Let me get my things," Dean said, leaving Mike, still damp and naked, standing there on his own.

Dean returned with a small bottle and a ziplock bag. He handed the bottle to Mike and took out a condom from the bag.

"You're really well prepared," Mike said.

"This is a great place to experiment," Dean replied, "But no-one wants to experiment unsafe or unlubed."

Dean went back to Mike's erection. After some more tugging and sucking he rolled the condom on.

"I thought we weren't in a hurry," Mike said.

"I said not to worry," Dean said, standing up, "But we don't have all day. Now lube up your fingers and the tip of your dick. A bit on my asshole too."

"My fingers?" Mike asked.

"Of course," Dean replied, "You can't miss third base."

Mike lubed up and worked his fingers around Dean's tight back entrance. Dean put his hands on the wall and bent over a little, giving Mike easy access.

Slowly Mike pressed the tip of his finger into Dean, who gave a moan of pleasure. Mike slid it in and out, then squeezed in another. Dean's ass accepted them and Mike made sure there was enough lube.

"I'm ready," Dean gasped, "Get in me, do it."

Mike didn't need to hear anything else. He cock was rigid and his balls churned. He was a little taller than Dean but his tip lined up perfectly with Dean's asshole. He pushed in, feeling some initial resistance which melted away. As Dean gave grunts of pleasure, Mike slid his cock inside him, inch by inch, thrust by trust.

Within a minute Mike realised he was close. Dean pushed back against every thrust making it hard to resist.

"If you're going to come," Dean said between grunts, "Come on my ass. Sometimes coming inside can hurt your balls."

Mike did just that. He pulled out, making Dean gasp, then ripped off the condom. Within seconds he was shooting cum over Dean's tight ass cheeks. He was panting as Dean turned around to kiss him. Down below Dean's rock hard erection brushed against his softening cock.

"My turn," he said, reaching down for the condoms and lube, "I'd rather not stand."

Mike breathed heavily. He was in a bit of a daze. When he'd had sex with girls this had been the end. Maybe if he recovered after fucking he would have another go, but now he was about to get fucked instead. He kneeled down on the hard tiles and rested his palms on the floor.

Dean was gentle. After a moment of nothing Mike felt fingers greasing his ring then probing his ass. It felt uncomfortable at first, then good. As his ass relaxed and Dean went deeper it felt better than good. Then the fingers were gone and something else pressed against him.

Dean spread Mike's ass cheeks with his strong hands and pushed his cock through Mike's tight ring. The lube and condom made it smooth, but Mike winced as his asshole stretched. Unable to hold onto anything he rested on his elbows and clasped his hands together, putting his forehead on his thumbs.

"You OK?" asked Dean, his voice choking with excitement.

"Yeah," Mike said, nodding. No sooner had he done so than Dean eased in further.

Dean was as careful as he could be, letting Mike adjust to each inch, but having just been fucked himself he was eager to come. As soon as Mike felt pubes brush against his ass Dean started thrusting.

For Dean it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. He had never done this before, and even with the lube his ring felt sore. However, the rest of his asshole hummed with pleasure. As Dean went harder and faster Mike wondered whether he would come again without even touching his cock.

All of a sudden, Dean slowed down.

"I'm close," he whispered in Mike's ear, "I want to come in your mouth."

Mike just nodded and gave a grunt as Dean pulled out. He knelt up to find Dean's throbbing dick right up against his face, foreskin pulled back to reveal its red swollen tip. Without thinking he took it into his mouth as far as he could. In his excitement, Dean thrust it further and Mike fought not to gag as he nearly swallowed Dean's cock.

After a couple of short thrusts Dean's cock twitched, then it throbbed and Mike's mouth filled with the taste of cum. He had done this before, and the position of the cock in his mouth meant swallowing the cum should happen in one try. He sucked hard, making Dean moan as he gulped it all down.

He let Dean's cock slide out of his mouth and looked up. Dean smiled and helped him to his feet. After a long kiss they turned on the showers and cleaned up, helping each other with the harder to reach places.

"That was fun, thank you," Mike said.

"My pleasure," Dean replied, "Thank you. You have a hell of a mouth."

Mike just smiled.

"If I can say so," Dean said "I noticed you looking at Cissy."

Mike just looked embarrassed. It seemed he had a thing for camp counselors.

"Didn't everyone?" he said.

"Sure, she's fine," Dean said, "But not everyone can get a proper introduction."

Mike reached for a towel and looked puzzled.

"Cissy likes threesomes," Dean said, "Especially when the guys like each other as much as they like her. What do you think?"

Mike felt like a deer in headlights.

"Sounds great," he said.

"I'll ask," Dean said, picking up a towel and heading into the locker room.

Mike stood for a moment, completely dumbfounded. He heard voices in the distance and rushed after Dean to get dressed. This camp was going to be worth it after all.