Truck Stop - Chap 1

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Thomas yawned and rubbed his face as he struggled to keep the fully loaded semi in its lane. He was on the longest stretch of his planned route down Interstate 94, and he knew he’d have to stop soon and get some rest. His company had strict rules on how many hours he could drive; before he was required to call it a night.

His planned stop for the night was just outside Billings. It was a small rest stop that could accommodate about 12 rigs. It had a small public washroom, vending machines, and was dimly lit. This allowed the truckers to rest peacefully in their sleeper cabs.

Thomas was excited, he had just upgraded to the newest Volvo 860 Long Haul Semi. It had two oversized captains chairs for cruising and a well appointed sleeper cab that could easily accommodate two adults. Thomas was considered a lone driver, always on the road by himself. The only company he could rely on, were his usual podcasts and playlists of music.

Only one more mile until his exit, he sighed with relief. Soon he’d be curled up in his sleeper, getting some rest he desperately needed. The air brakes hissed as the truck was placed into park for the evening. Even though his body yearned for sleep, Thomas found himself restless.

In his exhaustion, his eyes wandered across the dark parking lot. The other truckers already had their curtains pulled closed, and only the yellow-orange lights on the semis made him aware of their occupant.

Thomas knew it was pretty common to see an occasional lot-lizard on the road. Lot lizards are women who frequent rest stops and offer their services to lonely drivers. Hell, even Thomas had utilized their companionship a time or two.

That’s when he saw her. She was a lanky thing. She wore a short blue jean skirt and a white crop top that showed off her well tanned skin. While older lot lizards are usually common, it’s pretty rare to see such a young and pretty one alone, especially at night.

Thomas flashed his hazards at her and quickly got her attention. He waved her over and watched as she crossed the pavement and approached his truck. Causally he opened his drivers door and gave her a lift up.

His cab was dimly lit, but even in the darkness, he could see her features. She was indeed pretty. Smooth, clear skin, white teeth and long straight black hair. Her frame was skinny and her breasts were small A cups, but he didn’t mind.

She didn’t say much, and he didn’t like small talk, so he just asked her. “How much for a quick blowjob sweetie?”

Her reply was so faint he barely heard it. He figured forty bucks seemed fair. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his massive cock and looked right at her. He gave it a few strokes and watched as she leaned forward and then went down. She gently took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began sucking.

He let out a loud moan as she eagerly bobbed her head up and down his hard shaft. The cab was filled with sounds of his moans and her busy mouth sucking. Careful not to cum too quick, Thomas placed a hand on the back of her head and helped her into a nice steady pace.

He was impressed with her sucking skills. She’d occasionally go down deep on his shaft with little gag reflex. He reached behind her and pulled her skirt up, exposing her tight ass, only covered by her pink satin panties. He leaned forward and gave her ass a nice slap and then squeezed her ass cheeks. Even with her mouth full of his cock, she managed to moan wildly as he grasped her from behind.

He could feel himself close to climax and he pulled her mouth off his cock. He smiled at the sight of her face covered in spit from her oral skills. He grunted and motioned her to pull her shirt up. He wanted to play with her tits and suck on them.

She did as she was instructed and he was rewarded with the perkiest titties he had seen since he was a younger guy in his twenties. He placed his massive hands on her chest and started to massage them, only to finish by twisting her nipples. Her breasts were perfect, he leaned forward and took one into his mouth. He let his tongue flick around her nipple as he sucked her supple mounds. He could feel her hands rubbing the back of his head as she pulled him closer.

He pulled his mouth off and let his hands rub all over her chest and mid-riff, as he contemplated asking for more. She was young and cute and he didn’t know if he’d ever get a chance like this again, to play with such a sweet piece of ass.

“How much to fuck?” His request was forward and gruff.

He watched as she pulled away and and looked at the floor of the cab. Again her words were faint and almost inaudible. “I am a pre-op trans.”

“Huh?! What does that mean?” He gruffed back.

“I don’t want any trouble mister. The thing is, I still have a… a penis, but I am transitioning to be a girl.” Her voice was sweet and innocent, as she raised her hands to cover her breasts in her shyness.

Thomas leaned back in his drivers seat and let out a big sigh. He was equally taken back. He had never been with a guy, or a trans person before. He considered himself to be a red blooded man who liked pussy. He placed his hands on the back of his head as his mind continued to process what he had just heard.

He looked down as his still raging hard cock. Even with the news he had just been given, his dick was still hard and he wanted a warm hole too plow. “Fuck it,” he gruffed. “Come here and suck me some more. And I am ok with your trans… Whatever you want to be.” Thomas was horny and she was still cute to him, and he didn’t care.

He watched as she lowered her arms and gave him an innocent smile. She approached him and gave his cock a few tugs from her gentle hand. She then proceeded to sit on him, facing away from him, as she grinded against his lap.

Thomas reached around her and started massaging her nubile breasts again, tweaking her nipples as she continued pushing her ass against his rigid cock. He gave her gentle bites against her back, pulling her hair, to show that he was in control. She only moaned louder with each pull.

His hands rubbed all over her mid-riff and he was curious. He let his hands slip further down until he cupped the front of her panties and felt a small bulge. It wasn’t hard, but more semi-erect. The small penis was only covered by the satin panties and this turned Thomas on immensely. 

“Turn around and face me,” he instructed. He watched as his little slut turned around and was now straddled facing him, her breasts inches from his face. He leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth and teased her by sucking on it. He placed both hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed. She leaned forward kissing his neck and again she filled the cabin with her passionate moans.

“Fuck me.” Her words were soft spoken and gentle, but she knew she wanted him in her.

Thomas obliged. He reached under her and pulled her panties to the side, freeing her tight hole that needed to be filled. His cock was slick with pre-cum and he gently pushed into her. He felt her nails clench his shoulders as he pushed further in.

Her body tensed as she waited for her tight opening to adjust; taking him all in. She then positioned herself up and then down again and soon found a steady pace as they fucked in his drivers chair. Thomas again placed his hands behind his head, letting his new lover do all the work as he enjoyed everything she had to offer.

He’d occasionally lean forward, kissing her neck, breasts and shoulders. She kept her arms steady around him as she rode him up and down, letting out moans of pleasure.

Thomas wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted them both up off the chair. She was still impaled on his thick cock. She couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds. He carried her to the edge of his bed and placed her down on her back. He pulled his cock out and admired her opened hole.

“Get on all fours, I want to fuck you from behind,” he growled. She complied. Thomas grabbed a small bottle of lube he kept nearby and poured a few drops onto her opening. He lined up his cock and pushed in. He groaned with pleasure. He found a fast steady fucking pace and gave her a deep passionate pounding. He was going so fast and so rough that he ripped her panties and pushed them to her ankles.

With each thrust she tried pulling further up the bed, only to have him grab her by the waist and pull her back to him at the edge of the bed. He climbed up and wrapped his forearm around her neck, positioning her against his body as he continued deep thrusts inside her.

Thomas was fucking like a rabid monster. He hadn’t had sex like this since college. He pulled her off his cock and had her climb on top of him. He reached up and tweaked her nipples as she lowered herself onto him. He thrusted upward causing her to yelp and then moan.

“You like my dick don’t you!” He growled. She only shook her head yes.

“Say you like it!” He gave her a small innocent slap and then held onto her chin, waiting for her response.

“I love your dick sir, please give me more!” She mustered, between her labored breathing.

Thomas smiled and leaned forward and brought his mouth to hers and they shared a passionate kiss as he continued his thrusts upward into her tight ass. He knew he was close, but he didn’t want the moment to end.

He felt her small hands rubbing all over his hairy muscular chest as they fucked. His hands continued groping her ass cheeks as he slid in and out of her tight hole. “Ugh, I am so fucking close!” He moaned.

He felt her slam her ass down hard on him and clench and he lost it. His moan was loud and animalistic as he shot ropes of cum into her tight ass. He could feel his cock twitching as he came hard and deep. As he came down from his climax, he realized he had just came in her and he started to feel some guilt.

His cock was still submerged in her as she leaned up and kissed him again passionately. Again her soft voice filled the cabin as she explained to him, she really needed that and she told him thank you.

He watched as she lifted herself off his spent cock. He even smiled as he saw his cum running down her inner thigh. She kicked her ripped panties to the floor and she let out a small laugh. 

He knew he couldn’t just send her back out into the lonely night and honestly he didn’t want to. Thomas helped her clean up and they spoke for hours. To him, she was still a young and cute girl, who happened to have a small penis, and he was content with that.

Thomas is not a lone driver anymore. He now has a new lover who keeps him company on the road and keeps him satisfied on his restless nights.