Father/Son Weekend

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After getting chewed out by my boss ten minutes before the end of the day, spending an hour in traffic, and then waiting another thirty minutes for the bakery to finish my son’s birthday cake, I was glad to finally be home. More like ecstatic. It had only been two weeks since I had seen my boys, but the older I get, the more I cherish the weekends I spend with them. And this visit was a big deal: Ronnie, my youngest, turned eighteen three days ago.

Though my wife and I have been divorced for five years, we were still not on good terms. We never would be. She caught me in bed with her brother on our anniversary, so there was really no coming back from that. She kicked me out on my ass. It turned out for the best, though. I started dating the men I wanted, and there was much less sneaking around involved (I wasn’t going to change all my bad habits overnight).

“Sorry I’m so late,” I told my husband Chuck when I raced into the house.

“Andy texted and said he and Ronnie would be here by seven,” Chuck said. “I think you still have time for a shower. I ordered from that Thai place we tried last week.”

Chuck has been my savior. We’ve been married for over a year, and he’s the first man I’ve ever felt connected to in a way that couples are supposed to be. I can tell him anything, and he never judges. I think a lot of it comes from his performing in porn for a few years straight out of high school. He knows why Teri and I divorced, and all the times I cheated on her before getting caught—and all the times I cheated on the men who followed. He’s never batted an eye. And while we are in a committed relationship, we have an understanding: never pass up a good thing.

After a relaxing warm shower, I could hear my boys talking to Chuck in the living room. I dried off, grabbed my robe, and raced to the entryway to greet them.

“There are my handsome fellas!” I said, grabbing them both and giving them a big bear hug.

“Okay, now… we have to breathe,” Andy said.

“Good to see you too, Dad,” Ronnie said, trying to push himself free.

Andy was nineteen and a sophomore at UCLA, where he played water polo. He had sandy blond hair and green eyes. Though I was six feet tall, he managed to tower over me by three inches. Ronnie was my height but bulkier; he had just won a scholarship for wrestling and had an incredible build. He had brown hair and hazel eyes, with a tan complexion like his mother. As a former college football coach, I instilled a desire for fitness and competitiveness in my boys.

“Maybe a little too much of you,” Chuck said, pointing to my open robe.

I don’t mind,” Andy said.

“Yeah, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before,” Ronnie added.

“Show’s over, fellas,” I said, closing my robe and fastening it more tightly this time. “Dinner should be here any minute. I’ll go get dressed, and then we can figure out what kind of movie we want to watch tonight.”

I returned to my bedroom to dress and couldn’t get it out of my head that the boys seemed a little flirty with me. That was something neither of them had ever done. Perhaps I was overthinking it. I looked in the mirror and opened my robe. I was still in great shape. My chest was broad, and I maintained a thick six-pack. There was some graying around the temples and beard, but I looked suitable for forty-two.

“Are you seriously checking yourself out, stud?” Chuck asked, coming into the room.

“Wha—Oh, God… you caught me,” I groaned, letting my robe fall to the floor. I walked to my dresser to find a pair of shorts and a muscle shirt to wear. “I still look good, right?”

“Babe, are you kidding?” Chuck said. “Your body is perfect. And I’m not saying that as your husband. I’m saying it as an expert on the matter.”

Chuck had a side gig as a personal trainer for young male performers in the industry, both gay and straight. When he wasn’t a house husband, he made a killing keeping some of the hottest young porn performers in tip-top shape. Chuck was thirty-five, but he could have easily passed for someone in his late twenties. His Greek background and dark features made him eternally youthful, and I was always turned on by the stares he got whenever we were out in public.

“I know that look,” I said as my husband closed in on me.

“Yeah?” he said, reaching for my stiffening cock. “Horny as ever I see? Just like those sons of yours.”

“You noticed that too?” I asked.

“I was ready for them to do something like this,” Chuck said, kneeling in front of me to suck my cock.

After cumming in my husband’s mouth, I got dressed to have dinner with the boys. We laughed and caught up, but I got the feeling that the two of them were preoccupied. They kept giving each other knowing looks throughout our meal, or they’d start giggling over nothing. I decided not to ask any questions and continued with Ronnie’s celebration.

“Make a wish, kiddo,” I said, planting his birthday cake in front of him.

“It better be a good one,” Andy said, hitting his brother in the arm.

“I know exactly what to wish for,” Ronnie said, blowing his candles out as he stared at me. It was seductive. I was sure of it. But he couldn’t think I would ever—

“Don’t tell anyone, or it won’t come true!” Chuck said, cutting slices of cake for us. “Who wants ice cream too?”

“Just a small slice for me,” Ronnie said, scooping frosting onto his finger and licking some off. “It looks so rich. Doesn’t it, big brother?”

“Let me see,” Andy said, taking Ronnie’s hand and sucking his finger suggestively. My oldest son looked toward me and winked. “Mmm… it’s so good. I’ll have a little ice cream, Chuck. We might as well be a little bad this weekend.”

“I’ll have some too then,” Ronnie added.

I looked toward Chuck, who was just as confused as I was. And just as hard. I had never thought about my sons sexually, but the cold hard truth was that they had grown into men. But I wasn’t prepared for a growth spurt like this.

Whenever we were out of earshot, Chuck insisted that Andy and Ronnie were flirting with us, but I attempted to dismiss the idea. “They’re just fooling around,” I said, but deep down I knew I was only trying to push obscene thoughts out of my head. My strategy for the weekend would be to navigate around the outrageous behavior of my teenagers.

The four of us went for an early evening dip in the pool, which meant more playful teasing from Andy and Ronnie.

Nice ass, Chuck.”

Can I clean my clothes on those washboard abs, Daddy?”

There’s no shrinkage on display here, is there?”

While Chuck and I enjoyed our wine in the jacuzzi, I continued trying to avoid the subject. But I couldn’t stop my cock from twitching in my tight swim trunks. And my husband was equally as turned on.

“You’ve never messed around with them, right?” Chuck asked.

“Babe, seriously?” I asked, shaking my head. “This is as baffling to me as it is to you. I mean, have you ever gotten together with someone in your family?” Chuck got quiet and looked away. “Babe?”

Chuck admitted that he and his brother Brad fucked on the night of Chuck’s senior prom after his long-term girlfriend jilted him. He said things started out somewhat innocently. They jerked each other off in Brad’s bed, but suddenly Chuck was getting his cock sucked. Things continued to escalate, and soon the two of them were taking turns banging each other. Chuck admitted that it went on for years after and said they eventually involved other family members. That was when I made the mistake of asking how long their sexual relationship lasted.

“We’ve never stopped,” Chuck admitted. “I’ve wanted to tell you, but I know there’s a stigma that comes with something like this. I was afraid. Are you mad?”

“No,” I said, squeezing my dick again. I couldn’t get over how excited his story made me. “Have you guys ever thought about asking me to…”

“All the time,” Chuck said, leaning in for a kiss and taking hold of my cock. “Brad’s been begging for it.”

“Then I’d hate to disappoint him,” I replied, letting my tongue circle his.

“Don’t make us turn the hose on you two!” Andy laughed, standing on the edge of the jacuzzi. He wasn’t bothering to hide the eight-inch beast that pressed against the front of his trunks.

“Unless you want us to!” Ronnie said, grabbing his dick without an ounce of inhibition.

“That’s enough out of you two,” I said. “Let’s dry off and watch some movies.”

Back in the house, things calmed down considerably. I rented a couple of horror movies to stream and we sat on the couch together. I couldn’t get my mind off my husband’s admission or the invitation to join him and his brother. As the night rolled on, my eyes grew heavier and heavier. I made it about halfway through Slumber Party Massacre before I crashed.

“Mmm… feels good…” I mumbled. “Go all the way down…”

I could feel my cock being sucked, but reality wasn’t quite registering yet. The television was muted, and its light was hitting me in the darkened room. I turned my head to the side, which was when I realized that I was still on the couch. And Chuck was sitting next to me, getting blown too.

“Ronnie…?” I said, waking up fast.

“Did you like that, Daddy?” Ronnie asked, holding my swollen cock in his hand.

“Chuck… what in the hell?!?” I asked. “How could you let this happen?”

“Babe, I woke up right before you did,” he said, with his hand planted on the back of Andy’s head. “Really.”

“Just relax, Dad,” Andy said, pulling free from my husband’s shaft. “Nobody has to know. We saw how excited you got when we were messing with you earlier.”

“But, son,” I said to Ronnie. He was rubbing his lips over the head of his dick. “I’m your father.”

“Daddy, I’ve been saving my hole for you,” my youngest said. “Please.”

Seeing my handsome sons, naked and crouched between the legs of my husband and me, made me feel guilty. At the same time, having them stroke our dripping cocks made me feel horny as hell. Andy was right: nobody had to know.

“First things first, boys,” I said, grabbing Ronnie by the back of the head. “Chuck and I aren’t used to going easy on the men we fuck. Is that going to be a problem?”

Ronnie and Andy looked at each other and then back at me. “No, sir,” they answered.

“Good,” I said, pushing my youngest’s head down on my dick. “Then it’s time you got what you’ve been after.” Ronnie didn’t have an easy time reaching the base of my dick, but I wasn’t going to use kid gloves with him. “Get down there, son… come on… get down on my fucking cock! You got it… now move that fucking tongue around… oooohhh… good boy… good boy… treat Daddy’s cock right!”

“Suck it, son,” Chuck growled with his hands locked onto the side of Andy’s head. Chuck thrust his hips forward, seeing how fast he could fuck my older son’s mouth. “You boys have been after our dicks since you got here tonight. I need to see some quality cock sucking!”

Was it wrong that I found my husband rough fucking my son’s mouth totally arousing? Andy’s neck was scarlet, and a large vein was protruding down the side of his temple. Sucking Chuck’s cock wasn’t easy for him. But my boys were competitors like their old man. They weren’t going to complain or throw in the towel. No matter what, Chuck and I made them endure.

“Your cock is so big, Daddy,” Ronnie said, coming up for air. “Feels like it might choke me.”

“Do you want me to stop, son?” I asked.

Ronnie shook his head with his hand around my tool. He let his tongue lick my nutsack and then ran it straight to the tip, tasting a droplet of precum. “I’ve been dreaming about it for too long, Daddy. I want you to choke me.”

“How could I say no to that face?” I said, forcing my son back down on my dick. “Take it… take the fucking cock that brought you into the world, you slut! What kind of son lusts after his own Daddy? Hmmm? Mmm… my sexy boy does!”

“Don’t let your brother show you up, son!” Chuck barked at Andy. Since we got married, he’s loved being a stepfather to my boys. I think he’s going to enjoy it even more now. “That’s my boy! I knew you could do it! Fuck yeah… you’re making your Daddy so fucking proud…”

My head fell back, and I closed my eyes for a moment, listening to the sounds of my two teenage sons sucking our dicks. They were ravenous. Like they would only get this one opportunity with Chuck and me. But that wasn’t going to be the case. My sons would be treated to all the Daddy dick they wanted. I looked back down at Ronnie, working as hard as possible to fit my swollen shaft in his mouth. His mom would have a goddamn heart attack if she could see us.

“You ever eat cum, son?” I asked. “Don’t lie to Daddy!”

“Yes, sir,” Ronnie said, taking my cock out of his mouth. “My own. Daddy, I lay in bed and pretend you sneak in to fuck my mouth and feed your cum to me. Is that bad?”

“It is bad, son,” I said, jacking off in front of his face. “But Daddy loves when you’re bad. Get ready for Daddy’s fucking load!” A thick spurt of cum shot over Ronnie’s face, followed by several more that landed in his mouth, eye sockets, and hair. “OOOHHH… FUCK… FUUUUCK!!!”

Ronnie tried to swallow what he could, but his face looked so appetizing that I got off the couch and devoured most of my spunk. Soon I was making out with my youngest and sharing the juices that made this day possible. My boy grabbed my cock while we kissed. Neither of us was done.

“Shit… fuck… I’m gonna cum, son!” Chuck moaned. “Get over there by your brother and Daddy!” My boys and I crouched on the floor with each other as my husband stroked his pulsating cock over our faces. “Uuuungh… oh yeah… open those fucking mouths, whores!”

As Chuck climaxed above us in his characteristically voluminous fashion, warm ribbons of thick jism fell upon our bodies. My husband slapped his heavy dick against each of our tongues until there was no more cum to spray on us. Chuck got on the ground to share globs of fresh spunk and make out.

Crawling onto my lap, Ronnie said, “I want to feel you inside me, Daddy.” He pointed my wet dick against his asshole and started pushing down.

“Whoa… whoa… champ,” I said, stopping my son. “Babe, go get the lube. My boy is raring to go!”

Chuck leaped from the floor and raced for our bedroom, his hardened dick wagging back and forth. As soon as he returned with the bottle, he was lathering his cock with the lube. Chuck was as eager to bang Andy as I was to bang Ronnie. Chuck threw the bottle to me and grabbed Andy by the arm, bringing him to the loveseat.

“You’ve been waiting for my cock, haven’t you, son?” Chuck asked my oldest. He had Andy on his back on the couch, smearing lube around my boy’s asshole.

“Yes, sir,” Andy admitted. “Ever since you became our other Daddy.”

“I thought so,” Chuck said, sinking his cock into my oldest. “Here it is, son. Take Daddy’s cock!”

Ronnie and I made out as I loosened his asshole with lubricant. He poured more onto his palm and spread it across my dick, twisting his wrist as he jerked me off. I looked into his beautiful wide hazel eyes. When did my innocent boy become such a cock-starved cum slut?

“Is your cock wet enough to put inside me?” Ronnie asked single-mindedly.

“Mmm-hmmm,” I replied, kissing his long neck while squeezing three fingers inside him. “But you’re so tight, son. Your asshole hasn’t had anything the size of my cock inside it, right?”

“No, sir,” he said.

“Good,” I replied, pushing a fourth lubed finger in. Ronnie gasped and closed his eyes shut tightly. “Ah ah… it’s going to be harder than that to take your Daddy’s cock. Much harder.” I lifted my youngest by his hips, bringing his asshole down upon my shaft. He started to bite his lip and looked surprised that taking his first dick would be challenging. “Push, son… push yourself down on Daddy’s cock. Come on… further… theeeere… oh fuck…”

“Uuungh… I’ll bet he’s tight as fuck,” Chuck said, still pounding Andy on the love seat.

“Oh yeah,” I confirmed. “Get down on it, son… fuuuck…”

“Daddy… feels like… I might pass out,” Ronnie said.

“You’ll be okay,” I promised, crossing my fingers behind my son’s back. “It just takes a little experience before you’re used to getting fucked.”

Our sons wailed as Chuck and I fucked them with all our might. There was nothing like having a tight virgin asshole wrapped around your cock to find your second wind. I didn’t think twice about wrecking my son’s hole. He wanted to know what it felt like to ride his Daddy’s dick, and I meant to show him.

“Were you ready for Daddy’s cock?” Chuck asked Andy, pushing his cock balls deep in my son. “It’s probably bigger than you were expecting!”

“Ooooh… f-fuck… s-so much bigger… Daddy!” Andy replied as his body shot back and forth against the loveseat’s firm cushions.

Though he was being fucked with tremendous force, Andy appeared fine. His hands ran up and down my husband’s muscular frame while they fucked. Chuck loved being revered this way. Especially by someone my son’s age. My husband often fretted about being unattractive to sexy young men like my son. I always assured him that he had nothing to worry about.

I turned my attention back to the birthday boy. He was delirious from how hard I was sending my cock inside him, but I was sure he would get past it. His body was perfect. It wasn’t often I got to examine it so closely. I played with his nipples and ran my hands across his abs while he fell on my cock at a harrowing rate.

“See all that precum?” I said, stroking his dick as droplets of seed fell from the head.

“Uuunngh… yeah… yeah,” Ronnie answered.

“It’s because you’re all stirred up,” I said. “Riding your Daddy’s cock and looking at his body will do that to a horny boy.”

“Aaaahhh… yeah, Daddy,” Ronnie said, using his forearm to wipe the sweat from his brow. “Your body is so fucking… uuunnngh… hot! And your cock… fuuuuuck!” Cum shot from the head of my youngest son’s cock, splashing across my stomach and chest. I didn’t waste any time scooping it up and greedily gulping it down. My first taste of my son’s seed was exhilarating.

“Fuck… son… Daddy’s about to shoot his load in you,” I said, unable to hold my orgasm back. “Fucking fuuuuck… ooooohh… my handsome boy… you’re not a virgin anymore. Thanks to Daddy.”

“Oh fuck, Daddy,” my son said, kissing me. “Mmm… so glad it was you first… mmmmm!”

While I ran my tongue along my youngest son’s sweaty neck, Chuck slammed his body into Andy’s. The loveseat was shifting on the hardwood floor, and it was undoubtedly going to need cleaning after they were finished. Maybe during the week because it was sure to see more action over the next few days.

“Daddy’s cumming… Daddy’s cumming,” Chuck grunted as his muscular body tightened. “Fuck, son… take Daddy’s load!!!”

After Chuck finished climaxing, he brought his lips to Andy’s cock and gave my son a world-class cocksucking. Andy’s body twitched and turned as Chuck taught my son a handful of tricks about fellating. My husband spat some of Andy’s spunk back into the teen’s mouth before the two locked lips and got each prepared for another round. But this time, Chuck and I changed partners.

The boys let us fuck them until Chuck and I eventually needed a break. At that time, Andy and Ronnie put on a hell of a show for us. We ultimately passed out in my bed around dawn and didn’t wake up until my stomach was growling for the kind of sustenance that I wouldn’t find in a nutsack. We showered, fed ourselves, and then resumed our weekend fuckathon. I was disappointed that I had to bring my sons back home at the end of the weekend, but that was still the arrangement I had with their mother.

Everything felt lifeless at work on Monday. Eight hours seemed to last an eternity, and the drive home was even worse. I wondered how I was expected to patiently wait two weeks before I got to fuck my sons again. Chuck gave me a long conciliatory hug when I drug my feet into the house.

“I miss them already too, babe,” my husband admitted. “Maybe they could come back next weekend?”

“I’ll ask,” I said. “That seems like a lifetime away too. What’s for dinner?”

“Teryaki bowls,” Chuck said. “Go take a shower, and they should be ready when you’re out.”

“Thanks,” I replied, kissing Chuck and walking to our bedroom.

When I opened the door, my jaw dropped. My sons were lying on top of my bed, naked and making out. “Hey, Daddy,” Ronnie said. “We couldn’t stay away.”

“We told Mom that we’re going to live with you from now on,” Andy explained as he jerked off his brother. “I hope that’s okay?”

“Oh my… of course it is, boys!” I replied. I turned to Chuck, who came up beside me. “How long did you know about this?!?”

“Since lunchtime,” Chuck said. “But I promised not to say a word.”

The doorbell rang. “Oh crap,” I said. “Who the hell is that?”

“Brad,” Chuck said. “I figured if we were going to keep things in the family, my brother ought to join us!”