Crotch Rocket 1

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Justin pulled into the driveway and stepped off his new bike. He was so proud and excited at his newest purchase. He had been saving for over two years to buy his new Kawasaki Ninja 1000. He stood back and admired his newest purchase. The bike was bright lime green, with black decals, and blacked-out rims. The laminated paper tags only signified that it was newly purchased.

Justin wanted to show off his newest toy to his dad, but no other cars were in the driveway. He opened the garage and was about to head inside when he heard his younger sister call him from the backyard. He groaned, “She must be tanning by the pool again.”

Hesitantly he made his way to the backyard where he saw Heather poolside, who was now motioning him over. Justin made his way to his sister and sat on the edge of her lounge chair.

“I heard a motorcycle pull up in the driveway, was that you?” She lowered her sun glasses as she smiled at her big brother.

Heather was enjoying her spring break from school and soaked up as much pool time as she could get. Today she wore a revealing white bikini and a gold accent chain that hung loosely around her hips. She was a bit of a diva, but she loved how her outfits garnered her attention.

Justin smiled back, “Yea, I just bought it.” “I was hoping to show dad, but I guess he’s still at work.” Justin looked down at the ground, he tried not to stare at his sister too much. Her pool outfit was a bit provocative today, as he could clearly see her nipples through the white fabric. But he knew she looked amazing, the white material made a nice contrast against her tanned skin.

“Well, why don’t you show me?” “I don’t know much about motorcycles, but I am sure you can break it down and explain it to a girl.” She gave him a playful slap as she started to stand up from the lounger. “Help me up.”

Justin stood up and took her hand. He watched as she stepped into her wedge heel and that’s when he took a good look at his sister. She was starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. He had never really noticed how full her breasts were until that moment. Her bikini top was snug around her tits, which showed off her cleavage nicely.

Her shapely legs were accented by the glisten of her tanning oil, which really highlighted her toned calfs. He held her hand steady as she slipped on the other heel. He allowed her take a few steps ahead of him, as he carefully checked out her ass. He almost felt her bikini was a little too small for her, but he wasn’t going to complain.

Justin felt a tinge of guilt as he checked out his sister. I mean, she was his sister after all and there were tons of other girls who love to flirt with him. Justin stood tall at a nice 5 foot 11 inches, weighed a solid 170, had tanned skin, with short brown hair and a killer smile. He never had trouble picking up girls when he went out.

“Earth to Justin! Are you going to explain your bike?” Heather’s voice distracted his day dreaming as he stuttered and approached his sister who was admiring his new ride.

“Sorry, I was thinking about where I want to cruise today.” He flashed his smile at his sister as he began pointing out the clutch, throttle and other features. “It has over 1000 cc’s too!” He looked over at his sister and could tell she was completely lost but she just kept smiling and complimenting his new bike.

“Why don’t you take me for a ride then. I assume it can hold a girl on the back.” She teasingly touched his shoulder. “Let me go put on some shorts, and you can take me around the block.”

Justin smiled, he couldn’t wait to have girls on the back of it. However, he never assumed the first girl would be his sister. “Actually, wait sis. Don’t put on any shorts. I won’t ride fast, and I’ll be safe, but you look great just the way you are.” Justin could feel his face getting flushed and red.

He watched as Heather slowly turned around and smiled at him. He couldn’t see her eyes behind her sunglasses, but it was clear she was actually considering his request.

“But Justin, I am barely dressed. What will people think?” She laughed as she waited for his response.

“I am hoping other girls will see you and be jealous. Hell, I want guys to be jealous too! So when I go out alone tomorrow evening, girls will want to take your spot.” He laughed as he replied. As twisted as it sounded, his thinking did have some logic to it.

“Ok, but don’t ride fast and no sharp curves. Keep me safe!” Heather watched as he leaned the bike and climbed on it. He then held it in place as she climbed on back and held onto him.

“Ok, here goes, she purrs nicely when she’s started!” Justin pressed the ignition and the bikes engine came alive. The engine had a nice hum to it while it idled. “Hold onto me tight and keep your sunglasses on!” He revved the engine and started walking the bike back before he accelerated onto the road.

Heather squealed and held her brother tight. As the bike accelerated, she felt an excitement she had never experienced before. Her arms were tightly gripping around his chest as he zipped towards the main parkway that ran along the coast.

As Justin gave the bike more power, Heather felt the engines vibrations increase between her legs. She couldn’t help notice she was getting turned on. She yelled into his ear, “Go faster, oh my gosh, this is amazing!”

Even though she couldn’t see his face, Justin was smiling ear to ear. It was turning out to be a perfect day. A new bike. A hot girl on back. Perfect weather. He accelerated the bike faster and felt his sister tighten her grip.

He saw the light up ahead turn yellow, so he coasted the bike and brought it to a stop. He could now hear Heather more clearly as she exclaimed how exciting that was. He was distracted and didn’t even notice the truck full of guys pull up next to them.

One of the guys in the truck yelled, “Hey bro! We don’t know what’s nicer! Your bike or her hot ass!” The guys started laughing and whistling at Heather. Justin felt rage surge through him. He didn’t like his girls being disrespected. He didn’t mind guys staring or ogling over what he had, but he didn’t like when they shouted insults.

“Heather, can you hear me?” From his sideview he saw her nod her head yes. “When the light turns green, I am going to gun it. But I want you to show these guys what they will never have. I want you to perk your ass up and slap it when I accelerate. Can you do that for me?” Again he waited for his sister to nod yes.

Justin knew the light was about to turn, so he revved the engine loudly and then released the brake. The bike flew forward and he felt his sister rise up behind him, he could only imagine the guys faces. Justin felt a flood of adrenaline as he left the truck and guys still stationary at the traffic light. He felt his sister once again grip him as she held on.

Justin navigated the bike onto a side street and started to head back home. He didn’t even realize that he had been smiling the whole time. He loved his new bike and having his sexy sister on the back made him feel empowered.

He pulled back into the driveway and turned off the bike. He and his sister both climbed off and he leaned the bike onto its kick stand. He turned towards his sister and went to give her a high five, when he noticed something.

His gaze must have been apparent, because she looked down and quickly placed her hands over her crotch area. Her bikini bottom was soaking wet!

“I am so sorry Justin!” Heather blushed several shades of red and quickly ran into the house.

Justin chased after her and he was soon standing at her bedroom door. He gave it a small knock, “Can I come in?” He waited and finally heard his sister quietly muster a yes.

Justin entered the dimly lit room and sat on the edge of her bed. Heather was scrunched up and had a pillow covering herself.

“I am so sorry Justin. The vibrations. The guys. You.” Her voiced trailed off and she started to cry.

“It’s ok sis. To be honest, there’s a reason they call those bikes crotch rockets. And I am flattered that I made you feel that way.” He reached out and gently touched her leg. At that very moment he felt his cock stiffen.

Heather had now calmed down and was drying her eyes. “Thank you brother. I just feel bad. I don’t know how to explain what I felt, but I am still feeling it.”

“Tell me what you are feeling, and maybe I can help.” Justin kept rubbing her leg, as he scooted closer to her.

“I have a tingling sensation between my legs and it won’t go away.” She lowered her head.

Justin took his hand and gently pulled the pillow away from her and tossed it to the floor. He then placed his hand just above her pubis area. “Is this where you are feeling it?”

Heather took a deep breath, “Uh huh, a little lower though, right there.”

Justin now had his hand on top of her bikini clad pussy. He could feel her body radiating heat. He let his fingers gently rub along the wet fabric before he brought his fingers up to his nose and took a deep inhale.

“I know exactly how to make you feel better, would you like me to do that?” Justin was a smooth talker and he knew exactly what he wanted. He waited for Heather to nod her head yes.

Justin stood up and pulled off his tee shirt, letting the cool air touch his muscular chest. He reached out and easily pulled Heather to the side of the bed. He was gentle but there was no mistaking he was taking charge of the situation. He pulled her legs apart and started rubbing the inside of her thigh as she let out long sighs and her breathing increased.

“Lay back and let me make you feel better sis.” Justin’s voice was a deep sensual tone.

He watched as Heather went down onto her back and he concentrated back on her inner thighs. He leaned down and gave her inner thigh a small kiss and watched as her body shuddered. “It’s ok sis, just trust me.”

He brought his nose to her bikini covered pussy and took another deep inhale. She smelled amazing. He stuck out his tongue and slowly traced her slit through the wet fabric, again causing her body to shudder. “Do you like that sis?”

He didn’t even wait for her response, he took his index finger and pulled her bikini to the side and was rewarded with the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. It was smooth, freshly waxed, and it formed the perfect slit. He dove straight in and his mouth began to ravage his sisters most guarded spot.

Her velvety inside flooded his mouth with the sweetest juices and he happily lapped it up. He could feel her now pulling on his hair as he continued pushing his face further into her. He sucked hard on her small clit and then he heard her yelping and moaning loudly with pleasure. Again his mouth was rewarded with a flood of her sweet cum.

When he knew she couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled his face up and looked up at her from his position below. All of her wriggling and moving around, had caused one of her breasts to come free from her bikini top. Justin reached up and gently started massaging her tit before he dove right back down into her yearning pussy.

Again, he felt her body shaking from pleasure as her body jerked from another climax. His hand was still massaging her exposed tit as she moaned for him to stop. He pulled off her pussy and watched as her chest rose and fell from the heavy breathing.

He let his tongue flick around her clit teasingly as he waited for her to say something.

She barely got her words out, “I think dads home.” 

Just then heard the front door open and his dad called out. “Hey kids where are you!”

Justin pulled his mouth away from her smooth pussy, but not before he leaned in and gave it one more gentle kiss. “We’ll finish this later sis!”

He stood up, pulled his tee shirt back on and left the room.

Heather stayed on the bed still panting. She could hear her brother and dad speaking in the living room about the new bike. She placed her hands between her legs and rubbed her pussy and thought to herself, “I can’t wait to finish this either big brother.”