Call Me By My Real Name

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I had always called him Mr. Cho, out of respect however begrudgingly given, based on the fact that he was younger than me. By two years, but it still counted. Ha, look at me who's returning to academia after what I called a leap year after my first year medical school, which turned into two, which turned into five, but now here I was back at my old school, teaching Biology to heathens, while he, Mr. Cho, the man of my disturbingly real - and disturbingly increasingly erotic - dreams, was waving flags as the man of the hour teaching, of all possible things, languages.

He was a new addition way back before the pandemic arrived, and as such remained a novelty, an Asian teacher in our half-derelict school system. He had an adorable accent speaking French - but who wouldn't? And he was pretty competent in the other six languages he was teaching. He became some sort of a star teacher as well, playing in the teachers' teams for basketball and rugby. How? Witness his thunder thighs, which I had dreamt was wrapped around my torso once - and consequently wet myself with precum. 

He was supposed to settle in with his family, but like a miserable baby COVID put a wrench in every plan. As such we became close, the two remaining quasi-bachelors, him not by choice, and well, me. We spent time together, two perfectly different individuals who just happened to be stuck in a countryside residential school, during a time of uncertainty and misery and death. Which as it turned out, a great excuse to turn to each other for sex.

The first time he was lounging around my house in shorts and tank top, just after a social-distanced run. He was drinking, and the juice had ran down his chin, dropping near his crotch. I noticed his erection before he did, and decided to lunge at it with my hands, which shocked him and me both. But he decided to go with the flow, sat down with his shorts around his feet, and opened the fore-mentioned thunder thighs that had haunted my lonely nights. 

And there it was, the cock of dreams. Tall, blunt - he was uncut, thank the good Lord in heavens - and hefty, it was, in short words, beautiful. The skin had withdrawn tight showcasing the strawberry head, which was pink and smooth and glistened in precum already, dropping down to his balls, the right surreptitiously higher than the left. I dipped down and lustily nipped at the cock slit, taking in more of the deliciously sweet but thinned out precum between my lips, in the process making love with the cock head. 

"Fuck, Mr. Kindle, where did you learn to suck cock so good?"

"Hey, I'm older than you, don't knock two years of experience. And call me by my real name."

"Sure, Gary." He smiled at that, and kept on smiling through his large orgasm, as he sent up six thick volleys of white hot cum into my waiting gullet. "Fuck, my wife never could, fucking ridiculous."

"Of course. I'm not your wife." I wiped at my mouth daintily with his sweaty shorts. Fuck, I could have slept in the smell all day.

The next time he was eager - for it, and for more. I decided to throw caution to the wind and lubed his considerable cock with only slathers of my saliva, and as I descended on his rampant cock like a libertine whore my thought ran to his wife, even as I felt her husband's cock twitch midway into my ass, the coronal ridge scraping deliciously against my ass lining: what would she think of her husband having - nay, enjoying homosexual sex with a white guy two years his senior? So much questions, or as I liked to call them inquiries, even as I smiled down at Cho's face which was glued to the heated point where ass met crotch. 

"Fuck Cho, your cock's so fucking big."

"I know." He smiled lasciviously. "And call me by my real name."

"Okay, Seung-jin." I felt his cock head nudge at my prostate at the sound of his name running down my lips and suddenly felt the cum race out of my cock slit, each pulse burning the edge of the slit like wet fire - I never had sensation that intense before. "Fuck, I'm cumming, cumming FUCK YEAHH!"

"Oh fuck, you're squeezing my FUCK I'M CUMMING, CUMMING UP YOUR ASS FUCK NGGGGHHHH!!!" Seung-jin yelled out before I closed his mouth with mine in a deep searing kiss. He stared at my eyes for a second before taking over the kiss. "I never had a fuck that good."

"Well, now you know whose door to knock."

"Fuck Gary Kindle, I think I'm falling in love." I could feel a pulse of his cock burping out the last of his semen. And in that moment despite his wife, despite the pandemic, everything was - finally - all right.

"... Me too."