The Theater

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[Disclaimer: The following literature is purely fictional and fantasy. At no time do we condone non-consensual sexual acts. This content is to be interpreted and enjoyed as a fantasy act only.]
Branden was nervous as he approached the counter. He didn’t really know what to expect once he entered the theater. This was no ordinary theater either. Branden was buying a ticket to enter an adult cineplexxx on the grimy side of Atlanta.

The old man behind the counter look tired and haggard. The long nights, cigarette smoke and endless customers wore him out, and it showed. “So do you want a ticket or not boy!”

“Sorry sir. Yes, one ticket please.” Branden held out seven dollars exact and paid.

“Go upstairs and I’ll buzz you in.” The old man gruffed.

Branden climbed the steps slowly. He still had time to turn around. Even though he was nervous, he still found the strength and pulled on the door handle as he heard the loud buzz. He was pretty sure everyone in the theater heard the buzz too. He knew prying eyes would be waiting to see who entered.

Branden had passed the old Adult Cineplexxx Theater numerous times on his delivery route. Several times, he found himself in the parking lot, but he could never find the courage to enter. Today was different, and Branden now found himself standing in an open darkened room, as his eyes adjusted to the dim surroundings.

Branden was not the typical type to be in an adult theater. He was the clean cut, all-American guy with boyish features. He stood a nice 5 feet 8 inches, weighed a slim 150 pounds and he had dark blonde hair and tanned skin from playing sports.

He was intrigued as he found a seat and sat down. The room was an open styled theater with chairs that faced a screen playing an old porno flick. On the screen there was a big breasted actress who was giving sloppy blowjobs to three guys. Her tits were obviously fake, and Branden guessed the porno was from the early 90’s.

Branden felt his cock harden as he watched the film. He was made aware of the guys around the room when he heard one of them cough. He turned his head and saw about twelve guys scattered about the room. Some were standing along the wall, while others were in seats like him. It was clear that all eyes were watching his every movement.

He also noticed there was a very dark lit hallway that had a dimly lit sign that said bathroom and viewing stalls. He stood up and slowly approached the long hallway. He counted five doors on either side. Several of the doors were ajar, with just enough spacing for him to peer in.

Branden approached the first stall that had a number 1 on it and peered in. Inside he saw a muscular black guy, who had his pants down by his ankles, and he was vigorously jacking his hard cock as he watch lesbian porn. Branden had never seen a dick so big, so thick, so dark. The guy must’ve noticed him, because he gave Branden a nod to join him.

Startled, Branden backed up and proceeded to walk towards another room. He was now staring at stall number 4. Again he peeked in and saw a muscular white guy who was wearing a yellow construction vest. The guy was flipping through channels on the screen, when he stopped at a gay gang bang scene. Branden felt his cock harden immediately and he watched as the construction guy started rubbing his hard-on through his jeans.

The construction guy looked over at Branden and smiled, “You can come in if you want.”

Again Branden choked and apologized, “Sorry. I was just looking.”

Branden found himself walking away quickly and went straight towards the back of the hallway. He didn’t even realize there were already three guys standing back there who had their dicks out, as they stroked them. They all smiled as Branden approached.

Branden quickly made a left turn and entered the largest stall at the end hallway that was unoccupied. There was a bench along the back of the stall where he took a seat. He reached over and started pressing the tv screen buttons, flipping through different porn scenes.

He found a good straight scene of a teenage girl in a school skirt who was being spit roasted by her gym couch and a football player. Branden settled in and started rubbing his hard cock through his shorts as the scene unfolded. He was so into the flick, that he hadn’t realized that the stall door was unlocked and he now had an audience.

Branden loosened his shorts and pulled his dick out and gave it a small amount of spit as he stroked it. A few strokes in, Branden let out a series of small moans as the scene intensified. The seedy stall, the porno sounds, the cum smelled room all added to Branden’s heightened senses.

Suddenly the stall door flew open and there were five guys standing there, staring at Branden who was clearly in shock as he struggled to put away his cock.

The big muscular black guy from the first stall spoke first, “So you think you can come into this theater, stare at us, tease us with your preppy looks, and you think we’re just gonna stand by and take it!”

The group of guys all started laughing; making sure they blocked the stall door.
Branden’s stall was just big enough as all five guys piled in, this time making sure they locked the stall door behind them. Branden realized then that they all had their hard cocks out, and they were stroking them as they eyed him up and down.

The construction guy spoke next, “I think you know why you came here today, and we’re going to help you out.”

Branden stood up in defiance and tried to make a move for the stall door, only to be blocked by the guys.

Branden felt someones hands grip his shoulders and he felt his body being pushed down to his knees. The rest happened so quickly, Branden was in a daze.

“Open your mouth! And if you think about biting, you’ll wish you never even considered our theater!”
Branden felt a huge cock shoved into his mouth. He started gagging as he felt the head of the cock slam into the back of his throat. He pulled back and watched as spit flew out of his mouth and again he felt his head shoved back onto the hard dick.

Branden knew he needed to try and fight off his intruders but he didn’t have the strength. He knew the only way out of this stall was do as he was instructed.

Branden took both hands and reached out and took a cock in each one. He gave them gentle tugs as his throat loosened and took more man meat further down his throat.

“Look at that boys, he’s a quick learner!” The loud booming voice laughed as the other guys moaned as Branden switched up and took another hard cock into his mouth. 

Branden looked up and saw that he now blowing the construction guy. His dick was different, it felt different. Branden pulled his mouth off and saw that the cock was uncircumcised. Branden took his tongue and pushed it inside the guys foreskin as the guy reached down and ran his hand through Branden’s hair. The construction guy looked down and spat a wad of spit on his cocks shaft before pushing it further into Branden’s mouth.

“Look, the little bitch has his cock out, and it’s still hard!” 

Branden was unsure who spoke, the voices, the tv sounds, the confusion, it was all becoming a blur to him. Just when the guys would rotate and pull out, another hard dick was being shoved into his mouth or hands. Branden’s body jerked and jumped when he felt someones hands stroking him from below.

Branden pulled his mouth off the dick he was sucking only to let out a small groan before someone shoved his head from behind and felt another hard cock placed between his lips. Branden was being used like a little bitch and he secretly loved it.

Branden realized someone was behind him and he now felt his body being man handled as they lifted him up and pulled off his shorts and underwear with so little ease. Branden felt the cool air touch his ass before he felt someone place a wad of spit on his tight hole.
Branden again felt a surge of energy as he pulled his mouth off a dick and begged, “Please don’t fuck me, I am not ready!”

His voice was a high pitched desperate plea and again the guys laughed.

“We’re not gonna fuck you little man, but we are gonna finger that tight hole of yours!”
Branden felt a huge finger placed at his back entrance, then he felt a huge object push in. Branden let out a loud moan as his ass was violated with someones strong hand. Branden secretly hoped it was the guy from the first stall.

“Oh shit, I am about to cum bro!”

Branden looked up and saw some random guy he was sucking and knew he was close. Branden let his tongue flick all over the tip of the cock and went back down, letting his throat contract around the thick shaft. He felt the guys hands grab his shoulders as his mouth was flooded with hot thick cum. Branden swallowed all of it instantly and pulled his mouth off.

Gasping, “Who’s next? Is that all you have!?” Branden smiled as he wiped his face, waiting for another guy to step in. He could still feel fingers grabbing at his ass, spreading his cheeks as a finger was going in and out of him.

The construction guy was next. Branden licked his lips as he lowered his mouth. He watched as the guy pulled back his foreskin, allowing Branden to tease the shaft and head with his tongue. Branden wasted no time as he bobbed his head up and down, quickly causing the guy to moan and jerk. The guy reached down and took Branden’s chin and held it as he delivered a huge climax, filling Branden’s mouth to capacity.

The construction guy came so much, Branden had to spit some of it out. Before Branden could reach down and scoop up the missed jizz, a hand came from behind him and scooped it up first.

“Keep your mouth busy little man, I’ll use this cum back here!” Branden watched as the dark fingers took the cum and then he felt it being pushed inside of him. Branden let out another loud moan as he continued to enjoy his mouth and ass being used amongst the strangers.

One by one each guy gave him what he secretly wanted, until there was only Branden and one guy left in the stall. Branden eagerly waited on his knees as the towering dark guy stood up and was now in front of him.

“Do you think your little mouth can handle one more load of hot cum?” The booming voice made Branden feel controlled and owned.

“Yes sir, please give it to me.” Branden begged.

Branden watched as the huge hard cock was placed at his mouths entrance. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and even then he struggled to take the mans huge cock. He gagged as the huge muscle was pushed into his eager mouth. He only wanted to please his last intruder. The muscular guy grunted as he used the small mouths opening, pushing in and then pulling out, only to repeat the process as he neared his climax.

Branden could feel spit being pushed out of his mouth as the huge cock used his opening for one reason; to please the guy on the other end. His jaw ached from the large intrusion, but he looked up and saw the guy was in pure bliss and pleasure. This made Branden even more excited. 

Branden’s face was being used in an extreme way and he loved it. His hands just hung at his side as he continued pleasing the tall guy who stood before him. Branden reached down and started stroking his still hard cock, which was small in comparison to one being shoved down his throat. He gave it a few jerks and he knew he could climax at any moment now.

Branden waited. He wanted to climax with the guy he was servicing. It would be an ultimate experience to have cum fill his mouth as he unleashed his load himself. Just then, Branden heard the guy moaning and his body jerking and he knew it was time.

Branden applied sucking pressure as the guy started grunting loudly. He felt the guys hands grip his shoulders as he held Branden’s face against his pelvis, keeping his cock completely submerged down his throat. Branden’s mouth was filled with an overwhelming amount of warm, thick cum. He could feel himself close to choking as it flooded his mouth and throat. As he struggled to swallow he hit his climax and started shooting his cum all over the floor.

Just when Branden thought he’d pass out, the big guy pulled out which allowed him to swallow the rest without wasting it. Branden then gasped for air as his body came down from an epic climax. Branden was spent, used and exhausted and he remained on his knees. 

He watched the guy pull up his pants and redress. Just before the guy left the stall, he tussled Branden’s hair and smiled. “I’ll see you again soon, little man.”

Branden was now alone in the seedy stall with the tv screen still blaring a porn scene. The room smelt of used cum and Branden slowly stood up and redressed. Just then, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

Marcus: I hope me and my friends weren’t too rough on you.
Branden: No, it was perfect, thank you for fulfilling that fantasy.
Marcus: I’ll stop and get dinner and see you at home.
Branden: Sounds great, I’ll be leaving here in a second.

Branden closed his phone and smiled. He couldn’t wait to try this again. He knew Marcus would keep him safe but he also knew Marcus was now open to letting random guys use his body whenever he wanted it. He couldn’t wait to get home to use those big dark hands again.