Make A Wish

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Nina was awake. The bed was hard, the duvet stifling and everything stank of her mother-in-law's god awful fabric softener. To top it all, her husband was passed-out drunk next to her. At least she had managed to turn him on his side so he was not snoring.

This was all her doing, thought Nina, prudish bitch.

Every year they saw Nina's family for Thanksgiving and Christopher's for Christmas. Every Christmas Eve they screwed in the room next to his parents and every Christmas morning Nina scattered innuendos around the Christmas tree. Clearly Emily, the old cow, had had enough…

This year Chris's half-brother Ethan was here and Emily had allowed Mitchell, their old father, to ply them with drink. By the time Nina went to bed all three men were singing, and when Chris came to bed he managed a drunken grope before rolling into his back and falling fast asleep.

"Shit," Nina said out loud. She was too warm, even though she was only wearing a skimpy nightie. She threw back the cover and pouted. Out of everything, she was just annoyed that she was horny and she was going to have to satisfy herself. That had not been the plan. The plan was for a hard fuck, loud enough to be suspicious, cum in her mouth and, if he was too quick, a fingering while he sucked her tits. She wished that could still happen, but looking at her unconscious husband that was all it was, a wish.

Nina froze. There was a noise from downstairs, then another. Someone was awake and doing something in the parlour. The sound must be travelling up the chimney to the blocked up fireplace in their room. The Christmas tree and presents were in there; it sounded as if someone was stumbling around them in the dark.

Nina's mind skipped the idea that she had either imagined it or that a dangerous intruder was rummaging through their gifts. Instead she decided it must be one of the family, someone she could shock by appearing in the doorway; turning on the light while wearing next to nothing.

She slid out of bed and slipped on her fluffy slippers. The movement made Christopher roll into his back. Nina left quickly and closed the door before the snoring began. The hallway to the landing was dark, but she could see well enough. She looked behind her to see the door to her in-laws' room was closed. On the other side of the landing the door to Ethan's room was ajar.

I have my suspect, Nina thought.

She felt a little thrill of excitement. This might not be scandalous fun, like outraging Emily or teasing Mitchel but if it was Ethan downstairs then this might be something else. Nina pictured  herself pushing the open door to see an empty bed… She thought about finding him downstairs up to no good, then maybe they could get up to no good together…

Ethan… Ethan, Ethan. Until now Nina had thought of him as a man-baby. Eleven years older than Christopher, he was the product of the affair that had ended Mitchell's first marriage. Spoiled by a successful mom and a rich dad he had always looked like he would never grow up. This year he was different. Nina did not know why, but maybe this was the perfect opportunity…

Or not. Before she even got her hand to the door Nina heard snoring. Sure enough, Ethan was passed out drunk as well. She had a moment of disappointment before the nerves set in again. Of course, it might be Mitchell or Emily… maybe? If they snuck down the hallway and the stairs without a sound?

Dammit. She was wet when her husband came to bed and was disappointed. Now the same had happened imagining Ethan, only for the image of her in-laws made the disappointment mix with a shiver of disgust. She did not have anything against older people, hell, her husband was more than ten years her senior and she had just imagined getting into bed with a man another decade older than that; it was just those particular older people.

Perhaps she was envious of Emily. Even in her mid-fifties, Emily still had her figure and her looks. Nina was proud of her flat stomach and athletic figure, but there was something about that hourglass shape with double-D breasts that men just go for. Maybe, she thought, but what Emily had in curves, Nina had in height. She would have to find a way of getting a third party opinion.

Nina took a deep breath to get thoughts of her mother-in-law out of her head. As she went downstairs she decided she must have imagined the noise. It had probably come down the chimney, not up. She had heard birds on the roof, not footsteps on the ground floor. At the bottom of the stairs she sighed and looked towards the door to the parlour.

It was open and the Christmas lights were on. Her excitement built again, this time just from blind anticipation. The breeze from the hall behind her blew up her nightdress, reminding her she should have put on some panties before coming downstairs.

She saw a shadow. It moved. Nina walked over to the open door and saw a shape by the fireplace.

Oh, shit! she thought, there really is someone here!

Nina stared at the figure in its fur-lined mantle of red and green. It turned around and looked at her. She froze in place.

"Hi Nina," it said, "You made a Christmas wish."

She nodded, knowing her mouth was open in disbelief but unable to close it. The figure opened its cloak, revealing how her wish would be granted...

Nina looked at… him as he stood by the fire. His skin was alabaster white and smooth. She could not stop her eyes going to his shaved groin and the long cock hanging between his legs. It was smooth like the rest of him and uncut. When she looked at his perfect face with its pointed chin and almond eyes she saw how tall he was. His head was only a little taller than the fireplace; he would barely come to her shoulder.

"I don't understand how you're my wish," she said, entering the room and feeling the heat of the dying fire  "I didn't… I mean-"

"I'm here to make your wish come true," he said, his voice quiet, but clear, "You can even change it as it happens."

This is just a weird dream, she thought. She shrugged and looked around, expecting the scene to shift as her imagination wandered.

"I'm asleep and horny," she said aloud, challenging the dreamscape, "So my subconscious is throwing me a bone."

She laughed at her own unintended pun and looked at his cock again. He looked artificial, a thing only a dream could create. His proportions were perfect, there were no imperfections to be found and he had presented himself as an object purely for her pleasure. She mulled it over then shrugged and made a face that said 'Why not?'. When she took a step towards him he smiled a kind smile.

"If this is a dream," he said, "Let us make it a good dream."

She looked him in the eye. They were so dark brown they were nearly black, in total contrast to his near-white blond hair. Nina reached out to touch it, just to make sure he was real, as it seemed the safest thing to touch. She moved it over his ear… a pointed ear.

That figures, she thought, definitely a dream. I'm going to dream about having sex in front of the fire with an elf on Christmas Eve. Why not?

She moved her hand down his chest. His skin was warm compared to her chilly fingers. She lingered on his six-pack, running her finger over his abs until she realised he had no belly button. Why would I dream about that? she wondered.

Nina reached down to stroke his cock. It was as smooth as it looked and it responded the moment she wrapped her fingers around it. As it hardened she bent down to kiss him on the lips. His mouth was soft and warm, and when they opened their mouths his tongue explored her mouth like a snake, hitting every point she liked. She could feel his hands reaching under her nightdress and hot fingers wandering around her hips. 

She nodded and his hand slipped between her legs, touching her wet slit gently. Her excitement returned and she opened her legs a little so he could push a finger into her pussy. She broke off the kiss.

"If this is a dream," she gasped, "Do what I want you to do…"

"Of course," he said, his voice deep and silky. She released his cock and he took his hand away from her slit. He sucked his finger then turned her around and pushed her down onto her knees. Nina barely had time to adjust herself on the shift rug before he pushed her onto all-fours.

She felt kisses on her ass and fingers between her legs. A tongue would be better, she thought, and straight away his hands went to her hips and he was eating her ass. She pushed it into his face and held it there.

The moment she wanted to go further he stopped. His hands still held her hips and she knew what was coming. It rubbed against her inner thigh then down the crack of her ass. For a moment she wondered… but decided 'not yet'. Instead his smooth cock slid inside her pussy.

It was good. It was fucking good. It was long and smooth and his rhythm was perfect. It felt like being fucked with a strap-on, but a warm one. She pictured having a cock inside her, but just for a moment. Instead she decided to find out if her wishes really were being granted.

Rather than a smooth shaft pumping in and out of her she imagined it varied in width. Within three thrusts it had happened, and her entrance was thrilled with the sensations. She missed the slap of balls against her thighs, but she thought of something better, and that something slid against her clit.

That was it, the thing that pushed her over the edge. She grabbed handfuls of rug and gritted her teeth. Her entire lower body tensed in ecstasy and suddenly released. It was not quite enough for her, but it would do for tonight.

"You enjoyed that?" he asked, slowly withdrawing, "Because there is more."

"More?" she asked, her head swimming. She remembered thinking about being fucked while lying back. Without thinking she crawled over and onto the sofa. She pulled off her nightie and pulled up her legs, baring herself to him.

"Of course," he said, sliding up to the sofa and sliding himself over her cunt. She held her legs behind the knees to give him unrestricted access.

His cock was smooth again and it slid in easily. She was so wet she could feel it dripping over her ass. For a moment she was worried about the sofa, but the moment passed. It was not her sofa. She felt something nudge against her asshole every time he thrust into her. It must have been the thing she had felt rubbing her clit.

What if he could fuck me in both holes? she thought, at the same time? No sooner had it crossed her mind than she felt pressure on her puckered ring. He pulled almost all of the way out of her cunt and when he started to thrust again there it was, pushing into her backdoor. He had two fucking cocks and they were both sliding into her at the same time. Fucking heaven, she thought.

It took a while for her ass to relax, but when it did he went all of the way in. Nina reached down to rub her clit as his cocks changed shape to pleasure her, as if they knew exactly how to interact inside her to make her cum.

She rubbed herself harder until her orgasm built to crescendo. She grabbed one of her tits and he grabbed the other and she was there. She squirted all over his weird twin dicks, all concern for the sofa gone. He gave her a little while to recover then slowly withdrew.

"My turn to finish," he said.

She nodded, "Up here, I don't fucking care where!"

In an instant one cock was in her face. She grabbed it and wanked it, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out as she stared down its odd circular eye. He grabbed the other and aimed it at her tits. For the first time that night he groaned as a jet of cum hit her face, just missing her eye. Another went in her mouth as the other cock squirted between her tits.

Nina savoured what she had caught. It was sweet as well as salty and stickier than usual. The stuff on her cheek and chin was not dripping at all.

Spent, he backed away and pulled his cloak around himself once more. Nina got up slowly, and picked up her nightie. She licked her chin and started scooping his sweet cum into her mouth with her free hand.

"Do that in the bathroom," he said, "There might be others about tonight."

"Okay," she said, giving him a quick kiss, "Thank you."

"You are welcome," he said, "Now go."

Nightie in hand, Nina rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. The light came on automatically and she saw herself in the mirror. She was a mess, hair everywhere, flushed like she had sprinted a mile, and smeared with the elf's sticky candy-cum. She scooped as much of it as she could into her mouth before admitting defeat and washing herself down with a flannel. She cleaned between her legs and had to go down past her knees to make sure she cleaned off all of her own juices.

After a quick check in the mirror, and a moment to admire herself, Nina slipped her nightie back on and opened the door. There was another noise, clear against the background quiet of the sleeping house. Nina crept back to the parlour door. It was still open, but only a crack. Nina peered through to see the elf was still there. This must be a different elf, because this one had breasts… Kneeling in front of the elf, her bare back to the open door, and her head bobbing back and forth, was Emily!

[I am leaving the sequel to your imagination. Enjoy!]